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Alternative Approach to Quality Control and the Effects on the Business.

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Alternative Approach to Quality Control and the Effects on the Business Game do not produce a product therefore Game focuses its attention on the customer service. Selling the software there are levels of quality control and assurance which can not be beat. Here I have suggested different approaches Game could go about to ensure good customer relations and also to further improve their service to customers. Online Gaming Some websites nowadays that have nothing to do with the gaming industry now have online games for their customers. These online games are very enjoyable and are played by people who discover the games or for people who like to play them. Npower is known as a home electricity and gas provider but on their website they also have a cricket game. This is because they sponsored the cricket matches. My suggestion is that Game as being on of the leading retailers in the games market should produce their own online games. ...read more.


These websites have a whole load of games and free information for people who are stuck on a particular level of a game. My suggestion is that Game produces their own hints and tips page for their website. The difference will be that customers will get rewarded for looking up the information form the Game website. The way this will work is that a customer will go to the website type in the product number of the particular game with his/her reward card number. This way the person will be rewarded by extra points on the reward card. In doing this Game are solving any difficulties the customer is having with the game he/she has purchased and rewarding them at the same time. This will increase customer satisfaction and maybe increase sales. All these changes will have an affect on a Games different functional area. I will now look at the changes that would have to be made to the functions of the business. ...read more.


They take care of the financial aspects of the Game Group things like expenditures and turnovers. The changes will not have that much of an effect on this department. # Research and Development Game is a retailer they provide a service they do not actually make the games. Research would be mainly devoted to see if Game can capture more of a market share. The new media director would look into new ways to promote their business. He would look at ways of expanding on the internet and Digital television. New business development director would look to diversify into new markets. The changes would affect this part of Game to research and develop new aspects to improve quality control. Research would have to go into online gaming on their website this is one of the changes. The second change they would have to develop their current website to enable people to download software from it. The third change would involve research into finding hints and tips for games and putting it up on the website. Jaskanwar Singh Pabla Mr Chadha AVCE Business Studies ...read more.

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