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American Beauty.

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American Beauty - English - Ben Leo American Beauty is film about an American family, all with their own different problems. The characters consist of Carolyn, the wife. Eccentric, obsessive, stressed and a determined estate agent. Lester, the husband. Works hard and full of stress. Finally Jane, the stereotypical teenager and the moaner of the house. American Beauty won a total of 5 Oscars, and 6 Baftas in categories such as "Best picture, director and screenplay" The film starts out by showing us Carolyn before heading to work, she is putting up a sign saying "Open House today" while singing to herself, possibly showing she is nervous. The next scene shows a long shot of Carolyn glancing over her next door to other estate agents advert, doing this she pulls a face and takes off her glasses showing her "Dislike" of the competition. Following this, she puts her shades' back on, "pushes" her hair and sighs, she means "Business" Cutting into the back of the car, Carolyn shuts the hatchback aggressively, showing her anger or possibly busyness. ...read more.


Opening the doors to the house, Carolyn enthusiastically "Hello! I'm Carolyn Burnham" while putting on a phoney "Air hostess" type smile at the same time. Walking quickly by the hallway, Carolyn says, "This is the big room, it's very dramatic" indicating the overly gaudy wallpaper. A voice off scene from Carolyn says "Wait 'till you see the native stone fireplace." While the clients look overwhelmed and unimpressed. Focusing on the wall and stone fireplace, shows a extremely dull and depressing massive slab of grey rocks stuck on a wall, yet Carolyn still try's to put a lighter approach on it by saying "A simple cream could really lighten things up. You could even put in a skylight!" This shows she is lying and is putting on a massive phoney smile to possibly brighten the place up. The scene then finishes by cutting to the client's extremely dull unimpressed and unconvinced reaction. Cutting into the next scene shows Carolyn walking into a dark, kitchen, completely bare and uninteresting, Carolyn exclaims "It's a dream come true for any cook, it's full of energy, huh?" ...read more.


Is this not a plant? If you have a problem with the plants, I can always call my landscape architect, solved." Her voice is starting to show her frustration, and her anger is breaking through the faked smile. Fading back into the house, Carolyn closes the patio doors and pulls the vertical blinds across, she looks almost in control, until she turns around, with the camera closed up on her face, she starts to cry loudly, banging her head against the glass, she slaps her own face and screams "SHUT UP, Stop it, you weak, you baby, just shut up, shut up, shut up!" I believe this shows how stressed and frustrated she has been throughout the whole day, and is letting it out now, also I think that she says "SHUT UP, Stop it, you weak, you baby, just shut up, shut up, shut up!" because she has been advised by a therapist to do so, to possibly control herself. In conclusion we learn about Caroline, her aspirations, disappointment and obsessions via the use of language, presentation and structure ...read more.

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