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An analysis comparing the front pages of the Sun and the Mirror, considering the impact of ownership, the way front pages are constructed, the audience and issues of representation.

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An analysis comparing the front pages of the Sun and the Mirror, considering the impact of ownership, the way front pages are constructed, the audience and issues of representation. Introduction The term 'Tabloid' refers to a newspaper that focuses more on celebrity gossip and sport as opposed to a broadsheet, which puts more of an emphasis on serious issues and world affairs. Tabloids are renowned for their easy-reading factor with large print and many pictures, they are the ideal choice for people who are maybe not particularly intellectual, although this is of course a stereotype as many people from all different walks of life and intellectual abilities choose to read Tabloids. . Tabloid newspapers tend to be cheap and the newspapers we have chosen to study are no exception, with the Sun priced at 30p and the Mirror priced at 32p. The front pages that I will analyze were both published on Monday 17th November 2003 (just two days after England's World Cup glory against Australia). In my opinion, it is important to study the tabloid press in order to have an understanding of the way in which they work. ...read more.


This is more effective because it implies that people have chosen this newspaper over the Sun. The language of the Sun's headline is quite formal and it is also unusual to have a quote as headline. This is quite effective because it suggests that there is a special feature about Bush inside which could be a selling point of the paper. However, the language of the Mirror's front page is quite informal and immature, this may appeal to people who want a light hearted read so it could equally use this as a selling point. It very much depends on the individual. The tone of the Mirror is rather like a parody of George Bush: it mocks him and taunts him, which presents him in a negative light. On the other hand, The Sun is rather serious and they appear to be hanging on to Bush's every word. The news values according to theorists Galtung and Ruge referred to on the front pages of the Sun and the Mirror are both demand, reference to elite persons and reference to something negative. The political orientation is evident on both headlines, particularly by the slant that is put on the splash stories. ...read more.


The way a story is represented affects whether the public are supportive or unsupportive to a current news affair depending on how it has been represented in the media through the use of language and photographs. Newspapers aim to cause controversy through putting bias on stories, this is specifically to manipulate a certain reaction from the public. In conclusion, the way newspapers represent something has a particular effect on how it is received by the public. Conclusion The foremost difference between the Sun and the Mirror are the contrasting political viewpoints. This is evident in many of their stories by the bias that is used. I think that the Mirror's layout is better than the Sun's because it appears more orderly and not so cluttered. In my opinion, the tabloid press is an important and influential part of society. I disagree with the way that they harass celebrities and invade their privacy but appreciate that this all part of their job. I also realize that it is vital to be aware of the ways that ownership can affect the way an issue is represented. Furthermore, it is crucial to be able to recognise bias in a tabloid and the reasons a story has been biased in order to make up your own mind without being influenced by the opinion of a journalist. ...read more.

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