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An explanation of the impact of availability of electronic information on individuals and society.

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An explanation of the impact of availability of electronic information on individuals and society. An explanation of the impact of availability of electronic information on individuals and society. 1 The Impact of the availability of electronic information on my family and myself. 1 The Impact of the availability of electronic information on society 1 The negative effects of the availability of electronic information 2 How organisations communicate with individuals and society 3 The Impact on those who do not have or want access to electronic information 3 Initiatives to enable people to get online 4 Bibliography 4 The Impact of the availability of electronic information on my family and myself. I myself utilise some of the electronic information that I am aware of which I have access to. The main feature that I use is the internet to research topics for college work. I also use it to get back in touch with friends from previous schools using http://www.myspace.com. Many ways I access electronic information use the internet such as, "MSN messenger" which is a form of instant messenger which I use as a way of keeping in contact with friends and family. Another way that I personally use to access electronic information is my mobile phone, which contains several features which I use. For instance; A camera (photo/video) ...read more.


Like when RadioShack sacked 400 employees over e-mail. This could lead to the individuals feeling dehumanised as they weren't "worth" 2-3 minutes of conversation just to explain. Another harmful effect of increased availability of electronic information is that children can be emotionally traumatised more easily. In May 2005 a study involving 770 young people found that 23% of those admitted to having been bullied through the digital media (14% mobile phones, 5% internet chat rooms, 4% e-mail). 1 in 10 bullies take photos/videos of their actions using their mobile phones. Some of these videos are sent all through schools via Bluetooth and MMS messages. With many of these being uploaded onto the internet for the world to view. This public humiliation can have extremely negative effects on young people not only in their youth but through to adulthood. With some young people deciding to commit suicide due to the actions via this new technology. With increased security made available by electronic information for in-store card transactions, criminals are now using the internet to defraud billions from the economy and high risk companies are raising their prices due to this. "Criminals are stealing over �1 million from our accounts every day." Which.co.uk. With prices rising companies are facing higher insurance costs for all companies dealing with credit/debit cards and for the card companies leaving all organisations dealing with plastic money with increased costs. ...read more.


Everybody online is a charity supported by BT and run in partnership with Microsoft to helps communities overcome barriers they have to access technology "so residents can take advantage of the wealth of opportunities digital technology and the Internet has to offer" Citizens Online, they do this by sharing local resources and providing all the equipment required for each session. The Peoples network is a government project using the Libraries, they explain how to use the internet in terms which are simply to understand for people new to technology, with all public libraries having access to the internet so everyone can access the benefits of the internet for free! With internet caf�'s and mobile phones offering the internet at convenience and for relatively cheap providing access to more site which public and free organisations do not permit access to such as instant messenger and music download sites. It is also cheaper for light users than paying for either a dial-up service. With modern computers with fast internet broadband. Conclusion In conclusion I believe that the availability of electronic information has had both positive and negative impacts upon individuals and society. Such as better communication, more flexible working time and a more productive society, a society that could not function without electrical equipment or electronic information this was evident when New York had a blackout in August 2003. However in many cases the positives of the availability of this technology out weighs the negatives. ...read more.

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