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Analyse a piece of text including the key concepts. Peugeot 207

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Analyse a piece of text including the key concepts. Peugeot 207 The advert is from the coloured supplement of the Sunday Times on 10th November 2002. I will analyse this car advert and write about its key concepts and the global market to which it belongs. A family car is the main image surrounded by colourful play balls, the ones you get in childrens play-pits. This represents a safe family car because it is embedded in play balls. It also represents the child in every responsible parent that wants to join their children in the play-pit and have as much fun as them. It is represented in this way to show the audience that this car is a safe car. When children are left at the cr�che they are in a safe place. ...read more.


Peugeot are hoping the image will make the audience go to a Peugeot dealer, where a trained salesperson will then step in and sell the car. The audience will read the safety aspect of the text and will then carry on and read the copy at the bottom of the advert. Peugeot are cleverly pulling on the heartstrings of caring parents. They reach out to the responsible parent/s by using the strap line "where you know the kids are safe" The copy at the bottom of the advert, in smaller text keeps you reading by reaching the children every adult..."isn't just an adults plaything". Then go on to say "It's also a car for responsible mums and dads." Giving the audience a reality check back to the fact they have to be responsible implying, with this car you can be both. ...read more.


All of which are the conventions of a car advert. "Peugeot 306. Not just a number" is the company strap line, which is ironic. The irony is the number of the model is what makes this car and all Peugeot cars marketed globally. The use of numbers are the same around the world therefore the image of this text can be used around the world with the same effect. So along with the logo, the numbers become part of its global symbol for this car company. Peugeot is part of the PS Peugeot Citroen group. Its global market includes countries in Latin America, Asia and Pacific, Africa and the middle east, Europe and Non European countries including, among others Czech republic, Romania and Slovakia. This global company can use this advert in all of these countries by changing only the copy. One thing we have as a global community is the safety of our children. ...read more.

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