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Analyse How the Film 'The Matrix' presents two Different Versions of Reality

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Analyse How the Film 'The Matrix' presents two Different Versions of Reality We are presented with two different versions of reality. In one we get the feeling of everything being enclosed and lifeless, this is the Matrix which is a computer program designed as a trap for human minds. In it people have no individuality; they are all just part of the system. The other reality is a harsh post apocalyptic one where computers have enslaved humanity and the sky is dark. This reality is when humans are conscious and no longer part of the Matrix. In the first scene I analysed the, the camera moves along a split section of a wall next to Neo's office until he comes into view. This reminds us that there are walls all around and he is enclosed, this is important because it shows that in the Matrix people are enclosed to make them easier to control. The office he is in is very bland and the lighting is subdued to give the feeling of oppression, this demonstrates how the Matrix has been designed to be dull and uninspiring. The walls parting the office Neo works in are very short allowing people to see over them, this gives the impression of being watched all the time. ...read more.


The way we see him crouching in the corner of his office with no where to escape, like a caged animal is like a metaphor for the Matrix being like a Zoo for humans. As Neo leaps into a cubical on instruction from Morpheus the music slows down and Neo hides in a dark corner. The slow music makes the audience relax slightly and the dark lights emphasises that Neo is hiding away. As Neo then runs around the office the music gets much faster and builds excitement and energy. The camera tracks Neo as he runs away which makes the office look like a maze. The maze could also be interpreted as the Matrix with Morpheus is guiding him out of to escape from the agents, this mirrors what happens in the film when Morpheus really does guide Neo out of the Matrix. I think that by making the Matrix look like a dull, lifeless place the directors were trying to show us that the matrix was designed to be un-stimulating and mind controlling to stop people questioning their reality, so they don't realise that they are in the Matrix and learn how to control it to escape. ...read more.


When we see the side shot of Neo we see lots of long needles protruding from his body. The needles reminisce ones used in acupuncture which is an ancient art, mixed with a blue light that shines on Neo to give a futuristic feel. This illustrates the very old mixing with the new to impress upon the audience how science and medicine have moved on and become more advanced through the years, but not forgotten the old techniques like acupuncture. When Neo talks to Morpheus we see he has grown some hair, this shows us that a lot of time has passed. The music is very calm which sets a mood of security. The camera tracks along Neo's body showing all of the holes and instruments sticking out of him, this shows us that Neo has never used his muscles before so the medical equipment is helping him grow some faster. The fact that he has things sticking in his skin and going beneath the skin show us how things are real, but in the Matrix people are just digital projections of their minds. It's like when you pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming. The scene ends by fading to black again which could mean Neo is drifting out of consciousness or that time is passing. Elizabeth Cabeza ...read more.

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