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Analyse, review and comment of North West Tonight, 6.30pm.

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Media Assignment Analyse, review and comment of North West Tonight, 6.30pm. Television news has grown over the last forty years and news programmes are now among the most popular television programmes. Newspaper sales are decreasing and people are getting most of their news from the television. This may be because people feel they can trust the TV more as there as pictures to back up the stories and build up a relationship with presenters and feel they can trust what they say to be true. The BBC was first established on October 18th 1922 by John Reith. It broadcasts a wide selection of programmes including, soaps, documentaries, cartoons and news broadcasts. North West Tonight is a regional news programme from the BBC providing local news for people in the North West of England. It attracts more viewers than its rival services and has won national awards. The people at North West Tonight believe that their success is thanks to their knowledge of the events that really matter to the people in the region. There are reporters and studios in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire. The main studio, however, is in the heart of Manchester. It takes a lot of work to create the final North West Tonight programme, including help from camera crews, floor managers, directors and sound and lighting experts. ...read more.


Things like 'Critics say it's a real coop for Manchester' and 'we are all very proud to be in the area' are often said and there is a real sense of local pride in the programme. The first story is about the postal strike. Gordon Burns gives a brief outline of the story and then cuts to Abbey Jones who is 'live' at the scene. Although she is live at the scene of the strike, there isn't really anything happening where she is. Sending a reporter to the scene of the story makes the audience believe that they are in the middle of the action, even if there isn't any action. Abbey Jones emphasizes the fact that the postal strike has 'moved north' and is in this region. There is a pre-recorded report in which Abbey speaks over. We see pictures of the postal workers and then a few of them are interviewed. They are all male and have a local accent. They give their opinions on the strike before the report continues and we are shown inside the building. There is use of close up shots to emphasize that although it is a national problem, it affects individuals. It then goes back to Abbey Jones live and she ends the report. ...read more.


North West Tonight is broadcast at 6.30pm in the middle of the national news programme on BBC One. At 6.30pm most families would be sitting watching television together, therefore North West Tonight is aimed at a family audience. There is a wide variety of stories and something for everyone. Most of them have regional flavour as the programme is only broadcast in the North West. The presenters are also from the North and most from the region. This makes the audience feel that the presenters really care about the news they are sending to them because they are from the area too. At the end of the programme, Diane sits nest to Gordon and they discuss the previous story. They speak to each other rather than the camera and it is almost as if they are having a normal conversation. They then simply say 'goodnight' and the programme ends. I think that North West Tonight has succeeded in creating a news programme targeted at a large audience informing them of local news stories. The real emphasis is on the regional pride and most of the stories were positive about the area. The presenters worked well together and interaction between them made them seem more like friends than newsreaders. The whole programme is informally produced and is trying to get over the feeling of being a family programme. Ruth Greig Mrs Cole ...read more.

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