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Analyse,review and comment on the way in which Peter Medak gains the viewers sympathy for Derek Bentley in the film "Let him have it".

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Analyse,review and comment on the way in which Peter Medak gains the viewers sympathy for Derek Bentley in the film "Let him have it" The film 'Let him have it' tells the story of Derek Bentley,who was hanged as a result of a miscarriage of justice.The story involves mainly Bentley and Christopher Craig who led Bentley to do the robbery on the roof of Barlow & Parker warehouse.Bentleys mum,dad,sister Iris and little brother Dennis are some of the other characters in the story.Along with the police man who was killed,P.C Miles. The beginning of the film is set during the 2nd World War when Bentley is in his teens.We see Derek in a bombed out house,burried under rubble.The camera shows a close up of his face and he is having an epileptic fit.This immedietaly gains our sympathy.The main story takes place in 1953. The story is still of interest now,nearly 50 years later,because people are interested in miscarriages of justice. Peter Medak might have made the film 'Let him have it' to help clear Bentleys name,or it could have been because he does not agree with the death penalty,and this was a good case to use to get his point across. In Bentleys childhood the director chooses to show Bentley having quite a few epileptic fits.This could be because it gets peoples ...read more.


On the roof top of Barlow & Parker warehouse,Medak gets viewers sympathy by showing Bentley trying to help the police several times.For example,Bentley told the detective Craig had a gun.He also went up to P.C Miles after he was shot.Slow motion is used at this point to emphasize the importance of what had just happened.Also that it is something that can not be turned back.An extreme close up on Bentleys face when he shouts the important words "Let him have it chris" shows the expression on his face which tells us how much he did not want any of the shooting and battleing to be happening.The way Bentley acts is like a child would when in trouble e.g to scared to run and to stand up to the 'adults' who he was in trouble with.The way he thinks 'my dad is going to kill me' straight away is what a child would think having been caught doing something they shouldn't.This gets viewers sympathy. The trial shows alot of close ups and extreme close ups.The extreme close up on Bentleys face while he is being questioned gains alot of sympathy.They show the confusion in his head,how he cannot cope with the questioning.The way he keeps his head down with his eyes up(again childlike)as if he's to scared to look up,scared of all the people.The ...read more.


devestated.Just before Bentley is hanged how much he is really scared shows alot more,you can see the fear in his face when there are close ups on him.This gets sympathy because we also fear for him. After Bentley is hanged there is a camera shot that goes to Bentleys house,inside the house,down the stairs ect,to Bentleys family.It gives the impression that Bentleys spirit has come back to say one last goodbye to his family. Overall in the last few scenes,most of Bentleys time is spent saying goodbye to his family.This could get sympathy because some viewers could think of themselves being in that situation,and really feel for Derek and his family. I think the Bentley case was a big miscarriage of justice that should never have got as far as Bentleys death.The death penalty should never be brought back,because if a person is proved innocent they cannot be brought back if they have already been killed.Whereas if they are only in prison,they can simply be let out. I like the film because it's a real story which makes it more interesting,and the way Peter Medak brings out Bentleys childlike character and lets us see his innocence really gets viewers feeling sorry for Bentley.It really gets you imagining how Bentley and his family were feeling.These things make the film good to watch,and very moving. ...read more.

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