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"Analyse the Opening Sequences of 'Goldfinger' and 'True Lies' and Compare the Ways in Which They Hook the Audience and Establish Narrative".

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"Analyse the Opening Sequences of 'Goldfinger' and 'True Lies' and Compare the Ways in Which They Hook the Audience and Establish Narrative" In this essay I will be comparing 2 opening movie sequences; one from 'True Lies' and the other from 'Goldfinger'. I will be comparing the methods used to get the audiences attention and how narrative is developed. I will also be looking at the purpose of the opening sequences, what genre do they fit into and consider how films are promoted through their opening sequences. All opening sequences are placed to hook the audience. They try to appeal to their audience (create suspense, action etc), which gets them interested in the remainder of the movie. There are certain ingredients used in opening sequences to hook their audience. In both sequences the first shot is of the hero and they both emerge from underwater. ...read more.


Microsoft Windows and Mercedes have advertised their products in the sequence. Both movies fall into the same genre; Action. From the start the audience know that the hero is on a mission. They both setup and detonate a bomb (pyrotechnics) and there is normal violence (hands and guns). Both of the heroes get into trouble and use their expertise and experience to get out, which involves fighting. All of these things give a very strong impression that it is an action movie. In both sequences the setting, performance and appearance is similar. Both are set in some sort of party, where the hero is sent to gather information. They both wear similar costumes (frog suits and tuxedos) and they both have a similar style of handling their work. ...read more.


Both of these are super stars and just by naming them the audience know what to expect. Advertisement of the movie also plays a big part in the release and success of a movie. A picture of Schwarzenegger and Connery may be enough to attract people to watch the movie, as they will be familiar with some of their previous movies. Trailers of the movie can also attract audiences, as the footage may be appealing. The audience is hooked by the famous super star actors and mysterious start to a movie. The suspense created makes the audience watch the movie right to the end when all the answers are given. The narrative is developed around the start or first mission. The first mission is only a small piece of the puzzle which the audience is left to piece together. Adnan Ali Khan Assignment 3 1 ...read more.

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