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Analyse the smash hits cover and comment on its major points.

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Analyse the smash hits cover and comment on its major points. All Smash Hits magazines are unique to the edition. In this case is a "who fancies who" special. Instantly this starts to sell the magazine because it makes it sound like a one off, an exclusive and an edition that will never be released. However what is seen first when you look at the front cover is the photo-montage. In this case the photo is of three boys and one girl. All the boys are looking at the camera with extremely flirtatious looks. For example the first boy is looking straight at the reader blowing a kiss. The boy next to him is holding red flowers while looking straight at the reader and the third boy at the back of the photo is winking. ...read more.


The girl also uses the technique of showing flesh but this time in a completely different manner. in this case she uses it with her white top and her pearly white arms to portray an angelic appearance. The use of colour is very important throughout the cover with the text "guess who we fancy" in bright yellow. The designers obviously chose yellow to show up over the photo-montage also the red and yellow colour-scheme are used to show the different lines on the bylines. On the Smash Hits title the colours red and white are used because they contrast. Through our studies we have found that nine times out of ten that that when ever a cover uses red that white is used with it. ...read more.


this is again trying to show to the reader that he is on his bed in a very secluded atmosphere and it is a one on one situation. The bylines also work for all music tastes with Five an S-Club Seven there for the "pop" fans, BSB and Westlife for the teen girls, Will Smith for the hip hop fans and TLC for the RnB fans. This helps the magazine sell the fact that it is for all music tastes. It is all these factors that help to sell this phenomenally well selling magazines because on average one person spends seconds deciding on what magazine to buy and with rivals right next to it on the news shelf it has to be top promotional material. It is these tactics that have kept this magazine afloat when others have sunk. ...read more.

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