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Analyse the Sun's Newspaper leading article on the day after the terrorist attack on America?

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Media coursework DAVID PICKFORD 11CJ Analyse the Sun's Newspaper leading article on the day after the terrorist attack on America? The Sun is a tabloid newspaper, which is generally short and easy to read. The word "spirit" adds evidence that The Sun targets a simple audience, which don't have to be highly educated. The Sun is aimed at the middle class market (red top). As well as being strictly right-wing politics, the paper also has an untrustworthy reputation, they can also have tendency to exaggerate the truth and even print lies. Papers often exaggerate to make the situation sound more devastating and to have a more dramatic effect on the reader. The Sun gives a graphical view into what happened on September the 11th. The article on the 12th September 2001 is presented quite visually. The paper uses headlines to attract the reader's attention and to summarise the facts of the article. The main title for the article is "The Sun Says". The title is printed in large capital letters, is bold and has white letters printed on a black background. White letters on a black background are used to focus people attention on the title. ...read more.


The writer uses a variety of techniques to help write a powerful article. Emotive language is used to provoke a certain response this can be demonstrated by the phrase "But the world will never be the same again." This phrase is used to provoke an emotional response from the audience because the towers will never be rebuilt or be the same again. In order to create emotions, The Sun had to be biased and argue their point in order to get a certain emotion, among the audience. The writer uses the single word "exactly" which is written in Italic writing. This is to emphasise the word and make it stand out from the rest of the paragraph. The word is also to persuade the audience to adopt their point of view. Bold text stand is used several times throughout the article. Various examples of the bold text are "It is our duty to support them, both morally and - if necessary - practically" and "They must be hunted down and killed." These quote are both subtitles. These subtitles are bold to catch the reader's attention and make you want to read more. The bold also makes the text stand out from the rest of the paragraph. ...read more.


The Language used in the Sun is informative, angry and sad. The language is a key tool in making a newspaper as affective as possible as it keeps the audience interested. A great example of this is the phrase "New York workers flee the devastation of yesterday." This example of sad language is to provoke angry response from the audience. The language is also dramatic an example of this is "he must be bold". This is to provoke the response that George Bush must be brave and daring. At the time of the disaster I was at school so I didn't find out until I got home. When I saw the pictures on the television I felt a great lose for the families and could not belief something like this could happen, it affects everyone. The bottom lines of the article are trying to get people to unite and get everyone to "pray for America and for us all." This powerful phrase is supposed to have a lasting affect on the reader and to influence their opinion. The leading article is a story expressing the newspaper's point of view they are normally hard hitting, powerful and personnel. Some times they are actually written by the editor and they are much more opinionated than other reports. This type newspaper tries to make up people's minds for them as it is mainly biased. ...read more.

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