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"Analyse the techniques used to create tension and viewerenjoyment in 'who wants to be a millionaire?'".

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Chanelle Gray Media Timed Piece "Analyse the techniques used to create tension and viewer enjoyment in 'who wants to be a millionaire?'" One day, back in 1934, listeners to the wireless heard a strange new programme. It consisted simply of a man putting questions to the listeners - and encouraging them to write down the answers. This started off the history of the quizzes. The word quiz is Latin, which simply means, "who are you?" in Latin that is "Qui es?" After radio quizzes the BBC and ITV was formed. A large amount of quiz shows became popular to make, as they were cheap to run. From the 1970s/1980s, there were limits on prize money and it was economical for TV companies as greed wasn't popular and was seen as socially undesirable. The first quiz show was on a pirate radio station called Radio Luxemburg and it was called the Symingtons soup programme because strangely enough, the winner won a voucher for powdered soup! It wasn't the prize that made the quiz show popular; it was the fact that people could win something by answering questions. As the years went on the quiz show evolved. In the 1990s, the birth of the quiz shows with large prizes appeared eg "The weakest Link" and "Who wants to be a millionaire?" But why do a lot of people criticise these shows? Because they encourage naked greed. For example, in the early part of 2003 a couple got prosecuted for cheating in "Who wants to be a millionaire?" ...read more.


The layout of the studio helps create a lot of tension. The stools in which the contestant and presenter sit in are very similar to the "mastermind" chairs and makes the contestant feel uneasy. The chairs are placed in the middle of the stage with the audience around the outside in a circle. It has the gladiatorial field because in the gladiatorial times, the spectators would sit on the outside in a circle and all eyes would be on the fight to death. In millionaire, all eyes are on the contestant waiting to see if they do well or not. Also the relative or friend is usually put behind the contestant as moral support and like they "have the persons back." On the start of the show, the same theme tune is played before and after every show. The theme tune is well recognised around the world and once you hear the theme tune, you know that the game show is going to start and there is light tension in the air. On the first couple of questions the music is quite loud and doesn't give a lot of tension but at the end, the music is quieter and produces more tension. On "fastest finger first" and "phone a friend" there is a clock ticking in the background, which is off putting and adds a lot of tension to see if the right answer is given in the right time. There is a heart beat effect sound in the background after �1000 mark because the money starts to double and get very high. ...read more.


The show has a wide range of merchandise and has made the show popular and it's also been used in other countries with different presenters and obviously different money. It also appeals to people because for a little bit of knowledge you get rewarded nice sums of money and that makes it popular for people to try to get on the show with and to watch. In my opinion the show is ok. If the show is on then I will watch it but I don't flick through and watch it everyday! That is probably because the show wasn't made for teenagers and children because we don't have nearly the same amount of knowledge that adults do and that is why it doesn't appeal to us. We can't answer the questions as easily as some people could and most of the time we just guess the answers. I think this is better than other quiz shows because the money is better, it's easy to follow and it gives people a chance to do what they wouldn't usually do! I think that it is right that TV shows should offer such huge prize money. If someone is going on TV and maybe embarrassing themselves, they should get something out of it too. It's showing that being knowledgeable can get you somewhere and can help with you being rich. If it didn't have some sort of attraction to the show hardly anybody would try to get on the show in the first place because it wouldn't be worth the time and effort and sometimes humiliation for little amount of money. ...read more.

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