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Analyse the techniques used to make the short film "Thriller" a successful promotional video for Michael Jackson's album of the same name.

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Analyse the techniques used to make the short film "Thriller" a successful promotional video for Michael Jackson's album of the same name. At the beginning of this short movie, it doesn't look like anything bad is going to happen, this makes the audience suspicious and want to watch more. I thought the quality of the performance was good, the effectiveness of the make-up, like in the opening, set in the late 50s, early 60s and the make up is set to that era. Michael is wearing red, throughout the movie, making him the dominant male and to make him stand out from everyone else. I thought the special effects for the early 80s were pretty well done. Jackson decided to produce the "Thriller" video to promote the song. This made him big, and both young and old liked the movie. The film is divided into six scenes, the editor jumps from the 50s to the 80s. When this jump happens, the costumes change; Michael and Ola are in now in the cinema. ...read more.


The production crew used editing to enable make-up artists to build up the werewolf mask, which was made of latex rubber. Special effects were repeated to make the audience feel anxious, Elmer Bernstein's scary music helped to great tension. During the chase, there was symbolisms of moon shots, lots of POVS, such as when Michael is about to pounce on Ola. We see it from her POV looking up at him then from Michael's POV looking down on Ola, to make us feel like we're actually that person. A flash-forward jump cut brings us to the early 80s. Michael and Ola are wearing completely different clothes than in the 50s. Now that we are in the 80s, I feel Michael and Ola's relationship looks more stable. The use of a long dolly shot, makes us feel as if we were walking beside them, using CO2 helps set the scene, makes the graveyard feel dark and gloomy. The effectiveness of the lighting creates a mood round the graveyard and buildings. ...read more.


As the zombies close in on Ola, camera tilted up to show POV shot, through Ola's eyes; shot develops to close up, then extreme close up on Ola's eye. Dubbing of the sound effects, such as the windows, which were made of sugar glass; walls made from thin wood and cardboard; floor, the effect of the atmospheric music by Elmer Bernstein, builds to a crescendo. A jump cut happens, to Michael's house and all is normal. Frozen picture on Michael, turning towards camera, slow zoom to close up/extreme close up on his yellow feline eyes; haunting laughter from Vincent Price, credits appear, there is a reprise of zombie dance and the zombies return to their graves. Overall, I feel that this promotional video, "Thriller" by Michael Jackson is now rather dated; we're talking of a 23-year-old movie. Some of the special effects are rather basic now and look fake, especially the metamorphosis. I did like Michael's unchoerographed dance around Ola and how effective it was in the movie. The clothes were set the right era's but now looking from this day and age, they look rather dated. ...read more.

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