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Analyse the ways in which Speilberg builds up tension and suspense in the hit film jaws.

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Analyse the ways in which Speilberg builds up tension and suspense in the hit film jaws Jaws was a film, which from its first release reeled in and captivated the imagination of audiences worldwide on its release in 1975. Nothing quite like it had been seen on the cinema. It remains one of Steven Spielberg's greatest films to date and also one of the classics of the silver screen. It was a box office smash and wad deservedly nominated for many awards and arguably assured Steven speilberg as one of the elite directors to the modern day. Speilberg uses four main techniques to create tension and suspense within the film. These four techniques are music, camera angles, facial expression, and also structure. The film is set on a small American tourist island named Amnity meaning friendship. Subsequently in the summer a number of unforeseen deaths occur. When the mystery is solved it turns out that there is a great white shark dwelling on the Amnity shores. The Amnity chief of police Brody makes the discovery, and he knows it is up to him to save the island, however chief Brody has a fear of water and the 4th of July is approaching fast so Brody is on a race against time to Kill the murderous marine beast not only to save the people of Amnity but to save the Economy of the island which key earnings is made from tourism. One of the most important aspects of the film and how people would Probably recognize jaws would be the theme music. ...read more.


Another thing Speilberg uses for shock and suspense is the camera movement and different angles used, such as in the Alex Kinder attack scene. Prior to the attack we see Chief Brody in a continuous shot with his eyes focused on the water, looking at different people swimming and playing, wondering if everyone is safe, and then a man blocks his view which provides us with an over the shoulder shot. This shows us Brody's frustration. Soon after, Brody sees what is happening, and the camera angle is a shallow focus zoom which shows his facial expression as horrified realisation. There is general panic, which shows everyone running out of the water, using a scrambled camera angle, which conveys a feeling of chaos with all the different angles. The scene appears to quieten, but then the yellow lilo washes up on the beach, bloodstained in a high angle shot, which makes the lilo, look helpless and vulnerable. One of the best shots in this film was the underwater high angle shot of each of the victims shown from beneath, the 'shark's eye view', which gave the audience a sense of the imminent danger and certainty of the attack, sealing the victim's fate before it happens. Twenty five per cent of the film Jaws was filmed in the point of view shots, including that of the shark. Point of view shots give the impression that you are in that character's shoes and you see what they see in other shots like high and low angle shots thing look either grand and threatening or helpless and ...read more.


Furthermore to prolong his pain he isn't eaten whole, he is bitten in half and there is no music to be heard just a non-digenetic deafening, repeated scream from Quint as he vomits blood as well as being shaken side to side by the shark. This scene is scary because of the cliff-hanger start and the very gory finish. No music to this killing with no fast tempo seemed to prolong the killing, because all you heard was screams with no tempo to give the murder a fast pace it seemed very leisurely and agonizing. One of the main reasons why it was so scary was because of the point if view camera angle from Brody made me put myself in his shoes and gives us a superlative view of a graphic and gruesome killing. Furthermore, you are left with the devastating image of Brody alone and seemingly defeated, on a small sinking boat in a sea which is dominated by the shark, waiting for his turn. The techniques used by the director leaves the audience with little credible hope for Brody to survive and defeat the shark, resulting in surprise when his fast thinking has the desired effect. The image of Brody and Hooper swimming for shore in a leisurely fashion serves to underline the fact that the seas are now peaceful once again, but the audience do not have enough time to really believe this.... Surely there must be more sharks out there? (Cue Jaws 2!) ...read more.

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