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ANALYSE THREE EXCERPTS FROM NOTTING HILL AND SHOW, USING MEDIA LANGUAGE, HOW EFFECTS ARE CREATED. The film Notting Hill has an effective opening sequence it covers a majority of things that a audience expect to find out i.e. the main characters, their moods, attitude, and the setting but at the same time they do not let you know exactly what is going to happen they give you some information but only just enough to keep you intrigued and wanting to know more. The first words you hear in the film are 'This afternoon we are lucky to be talking to Anna Scott, Hollywood's biggest star by far...' spoken by what we presume is a presenter on a show like This Morning. By just having this line the director has already achieved what he wanted before even showing any pictures, as the audience now have questions running through their heads, so they will have to watch the rest of the film to find out the answers. After this line we hear a crowd shouting for Anna Scott and the song 'She' by Elvis Costello, this song creates a atmosphere which makes you feel sorry for Anna Scott, mainly the lyrics creates this mood such as 'she may not be what she seems inside her shell' and "whose eyes can be so private and so proud, no ones allowed to see them when they cry" straight away, gives you the impression that she is not in control of her own life. ...read more.


Spike however has his hands in his lap, his legs crossed and he sits there glancing around the room looking very guilty, a bit like a child who knows he has done wrong and does not know how to react to the situation. The camera is then focussed on William walking down the Market, William looks with withdrawn and unhappy you can hear the song 'Ain't No Sunshine' is playing as the backing track, I feel this song is appropriate in this scene as the lyrics explain how William is feeling, 'Ain't no Sunshine' is explaining that life is dull for William without out Anna and 'Wonder where she's gone' tells us that he has always got her on his mind. This scene is probably the most effective and interesting way I have ever scene a director show that time has past by. The director could of took the easy option of just writing a 1 years past caption at the bottom of the screen but he didn't and the amount of thought put into this small section is noticeable that is why it is so effective. William makes his way through the market seeing people he knows, we watch their lives change and the things around him, we watch as the weather change, we see the flowers for sale change as the time of year passes, at the beginning we see Honey (Williams sister) ...read more.


The camera at this stage zooms into get a close up of each of the characters, both look extremely happy at this moment which is a great contrast to the Anna we saw at the beginning of the film. The song 'She' starts again we see her and William getting married which carries on maintaining the humour. Honey is dancing without her feet on the ground with Spike, Williams mum doing his hair, we see the cake that has been made by the failed restaurateur, all these things show the people happy and enjoying life. Next we see Anna and William at the film premier walking on the red carpet together, William seems nervous and overwhelmed, he trips, you can see it is going to take him time to adjust and he may not like losing his privacy. Instead of Anna being lonely and famous she can do it with William sharing the experience with her. The film then cuts to a garden where the camera follows two children through the gardens passing people happy, it then settles on a bench where Anna is lying on Williams lap whilst he is reading, their body language is very linked they are holding hands , they are dressed casually and smiling, they look very much in love exactly what we wanted for both the characters a happy ending and for them to be able to live normally together relaxed and free from all the hassles that comes with Anna's fame. ...read more.

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