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Analysing and comparing 2pac- 'letter to my unborn child' and Nas featuring R.Kelly -'Did u ever fink'

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Coursework - The Media Assignment Introduction There are many different media texts and are showed in many different ways such as Television: - Sound, words, pictures, movie clips. Newspaper: - pictures, detailed sentences (attract the readers attention) sub headings (catch eye of readers). Flyers: - little advertisements (inform people about up coming events e.g. discos, parties trips and events) written in very brief detail. Radio: - Sound and detailed information that you could only listen to the purpose of this is to tell people about the world but it is told very very brief and quick. So the audience would like it that means that media texts are made for audiences just to be herd and sometimes to entertain and also make money to improve on their styles and the way they have explained things like the flyers just say there's a party its just advertising to make money and to entertain people by being published and being advertised how do you think people know that there's something new by media text like on the radio, billboards, flyers and leaflets its all being advertised by media text and then made money out of people who co operate with the things there have seen. Songs have a combination of words and music people listen to for different reasons such as some people listen to it because they might like the beat or words. ...read more.


I think this because all songs have some effect on the way people think and how people react and behave. Like the song 'letter to my unborn child' might make people think about the there own lives and they might wonder how 2pac is getting through all this. Songs are a big part in entertainment because a lot of people just like to listen to the songs for fun or relaxing etc. I think both songs were successful because they had good music that fitted with the words. This was because the songwriters of these songs carefully made sure that the words made sense and were not dull and boring and of course fitted with the music like some other rap songs. Songs can be used for anything like using them for election campaigns or just relaxing and listening to the songs even passing a message to someone. But whichever way it is very important that they fit in with the music and the song isn't too long with dull and boring words. 2PAC LYRICS - 'LETTER TO MY UNBORN CHILD' To my unborn child.. To my unborn child.. in case I don't make it Just remember daddy loves you [talking in background] To my unborn child.. To my unborn.. [2 Pac] Now ever since my birth, I've been cursed since I'm born to wild in case I never get to holla at my unborn child Many things learned in prison, blessed ...read more.


push a ferrari, blast a nas cd With 5 tv's and dvd's, come on ride with me Hey then you fly like me Honey you heard about the style I got We from the wildest plot, we're police May the rest carry heat where best, we ghetto Never thought we'd ever reach this level My people behind metal The streets coulda had us, but now we live lavish Our preach be the baddest Bus 'em out while maids change the sheets on the mattress It's deep cuz I never thought I'd reach this status Walk around and grown women stop and look They recognize me, no longer hide they pocketbooks Hate me now cuz I ain't gonna stop, you're stuck The remix is r. kelly, please drop the hook Come on Repeat 1 [r. kelly] America Did you ever think Ya ever know Did ya ever think Ya ever know (come on) Did ya ever think Ya ever know Did ya ever think Ya ever know (trackmasters) Repeat 1 No matter what y'all say or do We gotta get this money Watch out playa, we come for you Take all of your honies First of the month and rent is due We gotta get this paper Come for us, we'll wait for you A million men can't take us Repeat 1 Repeat 1 [nas] I just wanna thank god For making nas the don And r. kelly, the don Yeah, sittin' pretty ...read more.

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