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Analysing the techniques used ti introduce genre, character and setting in The Mummy Returns and Twister.

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STUDY THE OPENING SEQUENCE OF 2/3 FILMS. ANALYSE THE TECHNIQUES USED TO INTRODUCE GENRE, CHARACTER, SETTING AND PLOT. In The Mummy Returns, the opening sequence has very bright colours and lighting like gold and black. They are vibrant and realistic. However, in Twister the lighting is low-key like dark, shadowy and the colours are blue and black. This introduces the film as if it is a horror, but a few minutes later it shows it is an action/adventure movie because there is news on the T.V. of a twister and also right at the beginning, the title credits are on screen and are suddenly blown away. They are trying to create a scary atmosphere. You can also tell it is an action/adventure because the twister seems to growl like an animal. This and the way the house appears in shadow is also another way in which people could be mislead into thinking it was a horror. One thing that tells you the film is an action/adventure is the music. It is on right from the beginning and this is why we notice it first. It is trying to create tension to give you a big clue to what the genre might be. ...read more.


In the rest of the film he is a villain. Twister also has a prologue and in here the character isn't established as much. This is because the film is more event led than character led. The main character is known clearly though, for a few reasons. First, her name (Jo) is repeated about ten times, showing and reinforcing the idea that she is to be the main character throughout the film. Anything said by her parents is not heard due to the storm and their names are insignificant. Secondly, she appears to be glowing - quite angelic and calm in the dark low-key colours of the sequence, whereas her parents are terrified. All this is giving us clues to what her character might be throughout the rest of the film. Her costume is also quite angelic; a white nightdress compared to her parents dark clothes. The prologue could have been done in other ways, such as flashback, but the director chose to do a prologue because it would probably relate to the film better than her telling you `when I was young ...' or a flashback. Like Twister, the character is not established well in Gone In 60 Seconds. ...read more.


The camera movement is varied, but is mostly tracking shots to follow the action, which also helps identify the setting. This is because you can see the scenery while the camera is moving along, but this is unlikely to be a successful method because most people would be focusing on the actual film's plot. The audience is often looking for clues to the setting to see if anything is familiar to them and the filmmaker has to provide those clues. Conclusion There are many ways of putting a film together, for example panning or use of colour within the mise-en scene etc. Each one is a conscious choice of the director and is there to attract as many people as possible to watch the film. These choices can depend on the style of the filmmaker and are there with the simple intention of making the film entertaining and enjoyable. I have discovered that genre tends to be the easiest to write about and is often the easiest to establish in a film. I found setting the hardest one to write about, this is because it is the hardest to establish in a film. I have noticed all of this by analysing the three films I have studied. Amandeep Jheeta 10KG Media Coursework G.C.S.E. English PAGE 1 ...read more.

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