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Analysis - I have written my article about cloning. The opinions I have used in it are a highly exaggerated depiction of extremist views.

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I have written my article about cloning. The opinions I have used in it are a highly exaggerated depiction of extremist views. I have shown, how ridiculous and outrageous these views are by overstressing every point and going to immense extremities, such as the "master race" and the "worker race", these are so severe that the worker race would even be kept underground. I used pictures in my writing to make it easier for people to visualize the images that I am talking about because then they will be able to understand my ideas better. I have inserted a picture of Britney Spears, as she is a well-known, famous star, that many people like, or would like to be. The reason that I have included this particular image is because many people long to live like these stars and by using the image I am implying that if we introduce cloning and the so- called "master race" then everyone will be able to live like this. Many people believe that she is a "perfect" human being and this is the idea that I am trying to convey with the "master race", that after using the system for a couple of decades, what will be left will be a, supposedly, perfect human race, which for many people the picture used illustrates perfectly. ...read more.


The main body of the writing is in a quite large text; this is because I want it to stand out and not to be too small. The effect of this is that the article will not look as much of a difficult task to read, encouraging more people to read it. The prologue to the article is written in bold writing slightly bigger than in the main body of the text, this is so that this will stand out just a little bit more and people will read it before they read the main article. The writing in this prologue is encouraging people to read the main article. By ending it with a question " the question is: why not?" It makes people read on, as they want to find out the answer to this question, Straight away, in this first prologue I have shown "my" opinion, that I agree with cloning and all of the brilliant ideas that come along with it, this means that people will be under no disillusion while they are reading the article. The first sentence is long but it introduces the argument that I am, allegedly, going to fight throughout the rest of the article, that cloning has been accomplished and that we should embrace this opportunity and use it fully. ...read more.


I use the data that "over one quarter of the world's population is Atheist", making it seem that over one quarter of the world's population agree with me, again convincing the reader that they should to. I make the point that "it can be done without harming anyone" which may have been worrying some people. I then, again, make it out that the people on the other side of the argument are the villains by implying that they are saying that they want to live in "a world full of poverty, starvation and disease". This list of three contains three highly negative words; by using this powerful device I make the opposition seem even more corrupt. I then go on to talk about what the world would be like without cloning " we will slowly and surely carry on destroying the planet." Nobody wants this to happen as everybody hopes for the world to be a better place for the future generations of his or her family, not worse. I close the argument by stating "it could stop us from the many fears and disasters that await us in the future if we decide to not to agree with cloning." I use this because it is a strong ending, playing on the readers' fears of their children having to live in a terrible world. Lydia Boast | English | May 2003 1 ...read more.

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