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Analysis of a News Story - 'War on Terror,' published by The Sun newspaper

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Analysis of a News Story The article that I am analysing shows how a newspaper presents a story. The article I am studying is about 'The War on Terror' the article, being about a man named Kerim Chatty, whom was caught, whilst under a routine security check, with a gun in his wash bag was published in The Sun paper. Kerim Chatty is believed to have been planning on hi-jacking the flight air-born from Sweden to England, Stanstead. The Sun paper is a tabloid, which is more suited to people who enjoy reading 'dramatic' and 'over-exaggerated stories.' The Sun is aimed at people who prefer 'easier reading.' By this I mean that the papers stories are short, too the point and simple. ...read more.


'Violent Crook Obsessed by Weapons.' By using emotive language such as; crook, obsessed and thug, the readers build a self image of Kerim Chatty as being even more of a criminal and horrid man, this is what the tabloid paper wants you to do. The first section of the article is based on the hi-jacker and what he had done and in the main picture it shows the scene of the crime. The picture has a lot going on it; you can see the hi-jacker with his weapon, walking towards the armed police who appear ready for any sudden action from the hi-jacker. Also in the background of the picture you can see the hi-jacked plane, from a leading company Ryannair. ...read more.


The Sun uses informal language such as; Cops and Common Nuts! The more informal the English is the easier the article is to read and understand. 'Simple Reading' is what I believe The Sun is known well for. Summary: The presentation of the story is smart and The Sun did very well to express and explain the story. It has done well on telling the story, using typical tabloid tools. I don't think Kerim Chatty, would really appreciate how The Sun have spoke about him and no doubt some of it may not be true. The Sun is a good tabloid newspaper but the stories are exaggerated in a big way, although the exaggeration does bring excitement to the story, Kerim probably wouldn't enjoy reading it. By Sarah Foley ...read more.

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