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Analysis of Brookside Title Sequence

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Analysis of Brookside Title Sequence Brookside is a popular soap in Britain and is hosted on channel 4 which is an independent channel, which is funded by sponsorships (heart foundations, aids .etc) and advertisements in the breaks. I am now going to discuss the title scene of Brookside to see how effective it is for tagging viewers to the soap. In the establishing shot we see the River Mersey with the docks in the distance and a black boat with clear white writing printed on it stating 'Liverpool', so presumably its going to Liverpool. So we obviously know that this soap is connected with Liverpool. I n the background we see a bright bluely sky and a river that is calm which suggests there are happy moments in this soap. In the following shot we see the black boat once again but this time the boat is the main focus point, showing the writing on the boat clearly seen, also the boat is moving, but the camera seems ...read more.


In the subsequent shot the camera is focused on fast moving traffic and the camera eventually leads astray and then gains focus on a double decker bus, this could suggest that we are also catching the bus and will follow this bus for wherever it will take us. The fast moving traffic could suggest that the soap is also fast moving and anything could happen in one day. The 11th shot shows us a Roman Catholic and Anglican Church. This could suggest that there is lots of conflict in this soap, as people have different views on things like these. In the next shot we see the top of a parish church, this obviously shows more conflict, because in the previous shot we just saw a catholic church. In the following shot we see both cathedrals together again. This suggests that fights and arguments always happen but most of the time they make up again, this clip also shows us that this will happen a lot in this soap. ...read more.


In the following shot we see the Cavern Warps, which is related to the famous Beatles, which just puts more pride into Liverpool and this soap. The 24th and 25th shot are just one shot really as we see a public footpath which is meaning that everyone is invited because we obviously know that it's a public footpath. We are also getting closer to Brook9side as we are in a more rural area. In the subsequent shot we glimpse winding pathways, so obviously we are now going to start peering into other peoples lives. The next shot is a sign stating 'Brookside Close' which obviously means, we are here!! In the following shot we see some guy on a bike that must be leading us the way deeper into peoples lives. The next shot we enter peoples gardens showing us that we are in people's homes now. In the closing shot we see double doors which open, leading us the way inside the peoples houses into their lives. ...read more.

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