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Analysis of Coca Cola and iPad adverts.

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Coke Advert Analysis The produce being publicized is a fizzy drink My favourite Coke Advert was Coca cola live life light. The products brand name was Coca Cola. This has been specially picked because it is quite lively and sounds quite fun. This is a well-chosen name because it has a nice rhythmic beats, catches your eye and the iambic rhythm to the name kind of shares a dance move and helps the brand stay in your memory. The audience is mainly for everyone but is especially designed for people who want to be lightweight like bodybuilders, singers, and athletics people but still want to have Coke. They might not like the sugar of real coke. The motive of this advert is for people to have Coke get up and not slump and bounce around without as much sugar as the normal coke. ...read more.


This is effective because it shows that there is a alternative better way of living and a more fun way of life. The language used in the advert is fairly small and simple. The word light is ambiguous because it meant light as light physically and light to tie into the brand of this particular version of coke. This would persuade the targeted audience to buy the product simply because there is another better way to live life smiling and better and they will also miss out on the products if they don?t buy it. The new iPad advert analysis The product being produced is a touch screen tablet pc with consumer friendly and intuitive icons. The products brand name was iPad. This name was carefully chosen simply because it was made out of two words I and Pad. ...read more.


The image uses a wide range of colour. This has been used to show more image contrast and saturation that the device has that the previous one didn?t. The images look like they want to burst out and too much colour too contain. Above the tablet pc you realise the familiar bold grey on white text with the word ?iPad?. The camera distance is zoomed in too see the increase in pixel density and resolution. It is also slightly tilted to show the viewing angles of the Apple iPad. The slogan used for the product is ?Resolutionary?. This is used because in previous year?s apple has always said their hardware and software is revolutionary and has added a pun slightly. It also shows how apple have cleverly changed and their number one innovation on this product in the Retina display. This is the thing they want to sell the iPad for. ...read more.

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