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Analysis Of Front Cover Of Best

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ANALYSIS OF THE FRONT COVER OF BEST (FEBUARY ISSUE 2007) "Best" is published by ACP-NatMag and falls into the category of woman's lifestyle magazine. Best has to compete with some other major magazines such as Reveal and Bella. Best's front cover has to make an impression on its audience by making itself bright, bold and bubbly. This is achieved using different methods to entice the reader, with extremely eye-catching colours such as pink, yellow, blue and white which clash, using Fern Britton in the traditional picture used on every magazine, and through human interest stories as well as shocking stories which further invite the reader to buy the magazine The main story line 'Drop 7lb Faster' suggests that the magazine is trying to tempt the audience into learning the secrets of a celebrity diet, but actually only tells the reader a fraction of what to do on the inside. Eventually, as the audience is not fully aware that there will not be the best tips and information inside, the reader still has become interested and wants to find out more. ...read more.


She is a striking image compared to the bland white background which she is placed on. She looks straight out at the audience in a confident manner, smiling at the audience in a friendly way, reinforcing that the magazine is trying to make itself appear to be a friend to the reader. She is wearing a formal black dress which provides an interesting contrast between her and the background. Despite the celebrity status she appears to have in the photograph, she is pictured lower down to her right in a normal everyday situation with her child. The photograph almost makes the reader feel like that is her and can relate to her like family. The title next to the picture, 'FERN - HRT has made me a NICER MUM' is in a direct form of address which makes the audience feel like they are being spoken to directly. It is in a big, bright, contrasting colour compared to the background photograph. Also, the way the magazine refers to Fern, is almost as if the audience are close to her. ...read more.


This can make the reader feel smug as they are reading a story that other magazines may not posses. The phrase underneath the cover line is somewhat exaggerated slightly as it quotes "We broke our silence to JAIL our EVIL DAD". The three words, JAIL, EVIL and DAD are in a dark red, bold font. As red is seen to be an evil colour, it emphasises the words more to make them more dramatic and shocking. "My 3 Miracles, mended my broken heart underneath" is a cover line with a photo of triplets. The three are placed on a bright pink background, easily noticeable. The triplets make a bold contrast as the colours are completely different to the background, making the image stand out. Yet as it does this, the photograph is a heart warming, enticing the reader to read on. Again, the way that the phrase is being displayed, it further reinforces that the magazine is your friend talking directly out to you in a informal manner, almost like the other person telling the story is there, next to reader. In conclusion, the BEST editor has used a proven publication model to entice the fickle public to purchase and read its magazine in preference to a competitor. ...read more.

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