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Analysis of Genre

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Written Analysis-Macro Reading Narrative and Genre "Stephen King's IT" is a horror film with many conventions from other different genres such as fantasy and mystery. The introduction of the film starts with photographs, appearing on screen, that are black and white. The audience realises that this film will be set before colour photographs, so around the 1960's. The sound in the opening is quite eerie to the audience because of the piano used in the opening theme; this sort of music is used in the horror genre to make the audience feel tension for example, the theme tune of the "Halloween" movies. The pictures are mainly of children and houses and later on in the movie these pictures are owned by Michael Hanlon, one of the seven heroes (Propp). The pictures of children are shown because the whole movie is based around children and family. The photos are held together by red slots; red is an intimidating colour and is often used in horror movies. ...read more.


The use of a nursery rhyme scares the audience because it is quite spooky and an example of this used in another movie is "Nightmare on Elm Street" where the children sing "Freddie's coming for you. The child's bike is creaky and picking up these tiny conventions the audience knows that something bad is going to happen to this sweet, little innocent girl. The girl picks up a spooky doll, another fear that some people have, and the doll gives a really creepy laugh. There is a close up of the toy which serves as an enigma code for the audience when Michael Hanlon finds the doll. For the first time now the audience hears the demon, a clown that kidnaps and eats children. The fact a clown is used is fairly ambiguous because people expect clowns to be friendly and entertain children. This makes the audience question if children are really safe around people they think are safe. ...read more.


Michael finds a picture of George who is the brother of another hero in the story, however George was killed by "It" in the past before the time the movie is in at the moment. We realise that this picture has a major significance to the story but for Michael it serves a different purpose. For him the picture makes him believe that "it" is back, the picture is a cause effect chain. In the next scene we are introduced to Bill another protagonist who plays the role of one of the ensemble of heroes in the movie. Bill is typing away at his computer and his thoughts are heard to the audience to show what he is writing. This has been put in because what he is writing is significant "A shadowy figure lurches into frame dripping with foul water and dark oozing mood" we are led to think that something like this would happen later on in the movie. Also this is an opening, for us, to what sort of character Bill is and what his professions are. ...read more.

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