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Analysis of Hollyoaks opening

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Hollyoaks, now a long running teen drama, was first broadcast on channel 4, 1995. Originally devised by Phil Redmond (Brookside, Grange Hill) the show is set in the fictional Chester suburbs of Hollyoaks and is centered around a higher education college, 'Hollyoaks Community College', with characters generally in their late teens / early twenties. Hollyoaks' opening sequence starts with an 'ECU' of an eye with 'Hollyoaks' on the pupil. ...read more.


Throughout the sequence are quick-cut; fast-paced; edgy video sequences that show us all the main characters of the show. This can lead us again to assume that Hollyoaks is targeting a younger, teenage audience, as that quick-paced editing grabs our attention. Also these clips are edited in time with the music, making a more entertaining opening, drawing the viewers in, compelling them to see more. ...read more.


In different parts of the opening some characters have props: 'Hand-Held Mirror' and a 'Boxing Punch Ball', these can suggest that the character may be very self-centered or vain, or that the character is very violent in the show. The lighting of the clip was very bright and flashy, like in a disco, again appealing to the more teenage audience. Then to conclude all of what the viewer has just watched the sequence ends with a fade out of the music and the title 'Hollyoaks' displayed again full on the screen. Cathleen Guiney 13M ...read more.

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