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Analysis of Lady Gagas Official Website

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Analysis of Lady Gaga's Official Website Original Website - Front Page Newly Changed Website - Front Page There is a variety of websites available supporting Lady Gaga, however there is one main official website, 'www.ladygaga.com'. This website represents and portrays Lady Gaga as abnormal and strange; however that's what the audience likes her for and keeps them intrigued - as when the website updates there is always a variation from Gaga, but it always represents her as unique and different. For example, on the first screen shot, in the bottom right corner, Gaga has a spiral shape around her and is represented uniquely. She's represented uniquely in the second screen shot, but it's still in an abnormal way that Gaga works with. Her outfits that are shown on the website are also anomalistic and this further promotes her. The website front page always seems to be above the norm and continues to be so in every update. The target audience for this website would be for people that are from the gay pop performance community, but Gaga mostly targets an audience of 20-30 year olds who are very open minded and enjoy pop art performances. ...read more.


The website doesn't have a genre, per se; however the images that are on there give a clear view on what kind of music Lady Gaga's genre. At first glance it appears to be quiet gothic with the black background and red text, (The red text connotes anger and passion), however even in the newly changed website, it's still similar as she has a main theme that is recognised and appreciated by her target audience. The whole themes of the websites have been established to appeal to her audience. The outlook and the way objects have been outlaid also tend to appeal to the audience as it gives the website more of a professional theme and the audience aren't put off by the cluttered feel of a site. For example, in the updated website the images at the side aren't overlapping, look to close together or look too far apart and this gives it a much more professional feel to the site as it is organised. Everything that needs to catch the audience's attention stands out straight away, for example, 'Register to vote', 'Events', 'Info' and a few others are in bold, capitals they have a much larger font size than the rest of the text. ...read more.


Consistency in design and layout is important; it helps build awareness of Lady Gaga with her audience. The colour, text, logo and general design become familiar and recognizable to the audience. The outlook and layout of the whole page appeals to the audience as it gives them something attractive to look at and something that's important to the site stands out straight away and catches the audience's attention, for example, in the newest website, 'Lady Gaga', and a picture of her stands out straight away so the audience know who this website is about and what they can expect out of this website if they are a fan of hers. The font also follows the codes and conventions as it goes with the theme and makes Lady Gaga recognizable because each time the site is updated, the same font is used. The website has engaging features and the audience can be taken to various places in the website and have various experiences. You can buy/book tickets for her concerts, you can get up to up to date information and follow what Lady Gaga is doing, and there are previews for her songs and much, much more. ...read more.

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