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Analysis of Music Video

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Andrew Proctor Analysis of Music Video Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy This Aphex Twin video is certainly one of the most dissimilar music videos that I have studied. It intertwines elements of different genres, to create a video so different to reality; it shocked the nation when released. The director, Chris Cunningham, wanted to make an impact with this video which he did with great style and distinction. Story/Narrative The video starts with quite a gentle and sombre feel to it, where you see an old woman walking her dog. The dog however is not the small, yappy dog you would expect a old lady to own. On the contrary, it is big and looks rather aggressive. This could be a subtle tie in with the rest of the video, as it reflects the nature of what is about to come. The old woman comes across an old, abandoned television set in the middle of a block of flats, which creates a scene of tension as the music in the background changes pace and pitch. The dog starts barking at the television, which is shown in a mixture of normal and slowed down time. You can tell that something is about to happen, as the mood has just completely changed. ...read more.


When you see an old woman, you usually think of her as being innocent and guiltless. If they had used say, a young male, you would not get the same sense of vulnerability. The young girls are being represented as those that are affected by television, so you could also see them as the innocent. Genre There are only really two main genres in this video; horror and sci - fi. The horror element comes in when you see the children and the monster in the television. There is a sci - fi side to the video because of the colours used and the way the video has been edited. When you see close-ups of the man in the television, there are certain rudiments of this genre as the head has been edited to look abnormal and inhuman. Theme There is a very surreal feel to this video, mostly because of the images and colours used. The faces on the girls seem so strange that it gives this music video an entirely bizarre feel to it. It is intended to scare and shock people, which I certainly think it did when it was released. There are many different images being shown on the screen, and it is constantly switching between these. ...read more.


Camera Work The camera work in this video is very complex, as it is constantly switching between scenes and different types of shot. There is lot of movement, for instance tracking is used when the girls are running down the street; the camera is very rarely left in one position. When you are in the scene with the television, there are many close ups on the face within it. This shows you that he is the main subject in this video, and also gives you a good picture of what this creature looks like. When the old woman is watching the evil face in the television, you get many high shots of her, which gives you a feeling of superiority over her. As this woman is terrified of what she is seeing, you would get the idea that you are greater than her. As well as high shots, there are also low shots being featured in this video, mainly of when the camera looks up at the flats. You get a feeling of inferiority towards them, as if they have cornered you and the monster/man is about to attack because of this. 'Come to Daddy' features many qualities that makes it stand out from the rest of the music video industry. This is mostly down to the directing skills of Chris Cunningham, and also the editors that created the sense of horror and uniqueness that this video sent across. ...read more.

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