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Analysis of the film Babel

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Analysis of the film Babel Title: provide a detailed analysis of a recent film or broadcast that the text can be said to be original and/or innovative. The text of Babel can be said to be innovative, especially the use of combining highly different stories into a single concept. Four separate stories are continued throughout the film but one connects with each other implicitly. The first story is about two Moroccan goatherding boys and the gun which their father owns. The younger boys while playing shoots towards a tour bus, which brings the audience into a second story about the American couple who were on holiday. The other two stories are about the Japanese school girl Chieko and the Mexican nanny Amelia. They seem less directly concerned with the above stories in the first half of the film. The audience are only able to connect the stories together when the film nearly ends, where they see that Chieko's father is the original owner of the gun, and the children who are being taken care of by Amelia are the American couple's children. ...read more.


Additionally, the binary oppositions suggested by Levi-Strauss can be found in Babel. He argues that an abiding structure of all meaning-making, not just narratives, was a dependence on binary oppositions, or a conflict between two qualities or terms. For instance, the American and Mexican characters, Eastern and Western cultures etc. These oppositions strengthen the conception of injustice in the society and the importance of communication. Another interesting point of the film is the clever use of time. As Susan has been rescued by American government, his husband makes phone call back to their American house. The other side of the phone was answered by their son, which was shown at the beginning of the film. This allows the audience put the stories eventually in a chronological order and gain a full understanding of the concept and talent of the director. The method of representation of concepts in the film is significant. The four stories not only represents individual story line, but also connect with each other. There is no content in the film about the relationship between Susan and her children. ...read more.


It represents not only inequality but the stronger override the weaker ones. The policeman in the frontier regards Amelia as a criminal just because of her colour of skin. Santiago's sudden rage is not because of that night or because he is drunk, but because of the sum of years of humiliation and resentment that he has been holding back for years. Two boys set off a chain of global events they could never have imagined. This is a common model of miscommunication that culminates in the hurt of one family member and the sudden growth of the younger boy. It not only express the love between brothers but tell us we will be punished after we do something wrong as well. The film also calls out care between people by the story of Chieko. It lets us think more about the people around us. Whether they are stranger or family members, healthy or ill, rich or poor, we should pay attention and love to them. Overall, Babel is an innovative film in its narrative and the way it splits across different story lines. It is a mystery and thriller film all in one and suggests more in that it shows a highly innovative global message. ...read more.

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