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Analysis of the Film "Scream"

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Media Coursework A blockbuster movie is a film, which has a large budget, wins many awards, has famous actors to play the roles and creates a lot of media attention! I have chosen to review and analyse the blockbuster movie scream. Scream is a multi-million dollar film made back in 1996. Since it was released in October of that year it has made $86 million dollars and two sequels have been made and released. The director of scream is Wes Craven, he has also written many other movie blockbusters. E.g. 'I know what you did last summer', 'Scream 2 and 3', 'I still know what you did last summer' and 'The mind ripper'. Craven has in each maintained a gripping dedication to the genre that made him big in the first place. ...read more.


Scream won a lot of awards. It picked up 'best movie' in 1996 MTV movie awards, 'Top box office film' in the 1998 ASCAP film and television music awards, 'best actress', 'best horror film' and 'best writer' in the academy of sci fi, horror and fantasy films in 1997, and 'best movie' in MTV movie awards 1997. It was also nominated for many more. The casting director Lisa Beach specifically picked the cast. Casey Becker, a teenager who loves horror movies and dumped Stu for her rugby player boyfriend Steve. She was played by Drew Barrymore. Sydney Prescott, the lead role, played by Neve Campbell. Sydney's mother was "last years greatest news story" when she was raped and brutally murdered. So she'd been through a lot as it was. She was never the typical victim. ...read more.


Played by Lawrence Hecht. Gail Weathers, the annoying reporter for Top Story. She covered the story on Sydney's mother. Played by Courtney Cox. Most of the main parts in scream were either famous before hand like Courtney Cox from the famous sit com. Friends, and Henry Winkler from Happy Days. Or went on to further their careers in other blockbuster movies like Drew Barrymore and David Arquette in Never been Kissed and Matthew Lillard in She's all that. Other important people in the making of Scream include the writer Kevin Williamson, the producers Carly Woods and Cathy Conrad, the production designer Bruce Alan-Miller, the editor Patrick Lussier and of course Marco Beltrami, the guy who chose the music. Songs used in a film are very important because they help add to the atmosphere. Each and every one of these people has a very important job to do each crucial in the making of a blockbuster. ...read more.

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