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Analysis of the Scenes of the Soap Opera ‘High Rankings Low Lives’

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Analysis of the Scenes for 'High Rankings Low Lives' When initially looking at the opening scenes one to ten for the soap opera ' High Rankings Low Lives' I feel they do not overwhelm the viewer and give an image that is too perplexing and convoluted, instead the images complement one another and create an effect that is modern and unique stressing the need for a soap opera which does not follow the exact generic conventions. The first point I would like to discuss is the black and white images. The images give the impression of an impenetrable complexion. This leads to the conclusion that the person in the image is using this technique of photography to filter the evil side of their character and leave their false personality on display. The images of each of the characters can not be seen with such clarity when using this technique, as you would see in a colour image. Overall this effect makes you feel insecure and the way the shadows lie on their figures causes the viewer to be suspicious about their future actions, therefore I think the scenes that I have presented stress how the characters have strong manipulating personalities and for that reason they may appear quite menacing. The image of a single person is repeated many times until it covers width of the page. This technique stresses the superiority of some of the characters and once it again it stresses the menacing attributes that some of the characters behold. The fact that this technique is used for EVERY character makes them all equal in every manner on first impressions and does not give the viewer an insight into how that particular character mind works, therefore this creates the viewer to carry on watching for they are curious to how the characters will react in this environment. ...read more.


It also gives the viewer time to reflect on the sequence of the scenes and what they expressed, therefore the viewer can be judgmental and decide whether this type of programme is suited to them. The scenes that I have not analysed are the title scene and the scene featuring two characters from the soap. I am going to talk about scene that depicts two of the soaps characters. The whole meaning behind this scene is to reveal which characters are going to have prominent in that particular programme, therefore this will change from time to time and to a regular viewer it will show which storyline is going to be continued. This technique is an alternative to showing clips of the storyline from previous times, which I generally associate as a technique that is used in soaps such as Neighbours, therefore I am using my own alternative. The scene does not show multiple images of the characters face, instead it reveals a body image that is only shown once or twice at the most. This technique makes the character in this scene look superior to the rest of the characters in the other identical, therefore this stresses how the role this particular character is playing for this programme is more emotionally challenging. The character eclipses a majority of the page in this scene therefore to inflict that they are dominating this programme. The person's real life name is beside the image. The style of the writing is very graphical however at the same time it creates an atmosphere due to the shading, therefore the shading that I have used interprets the character has feelings and possibly a unstable personality. ...read more.


The fact that we immediately see the colour white in the opening sequence stresses to our conscience that despite the events that will happen in this programme, a opinion will not be reinforced and like the News the issue is open to the viewers opinion. The block letters bring an air of reality over the soap and reveal that they will deal with issues that are apparent in our lives. The block letters also equate to negative outcomes and reveal how the issue being acted out will always show the negative possibilities rather than the positive possibilities, however this is what entices the viewer into a programme for some of the consequences to these everyday issues are too surreal to be matched to reality. The white lettering has a black shadowing interpreting the evil that will be revealed in the storylines, therefore the aftermath of these white blocks is never quite what one would have forecast. The title is written as 'EastEnders'. In the English language it is wrong to present a word, which contains two capital letters, therefore, the 'Enders' part of the word has a need to be exaggerated. The word end is associated with the closing of an event or a depressing closure. This meaning is echoed in many of the storylines, however I do realise that the word EastEnders means the people of the East End. The image of the East of London has the same meaning as the title 'EastEnders, however it is a visual aid for the viewer. The image is of an area in which a community live and in a soap generic conventions the idea of a community is important therefore we can associate the image as being the communities home. ...read more.

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