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Analysis Of Two Disney Films Matthew Connor

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Analysis Of Two Disney Films Matthew Connor Recently I have been watching two Disney films on completely different sides of the Disney timeline. "Pinocchio" was made in 1940 using cell animation with the story taken from an existing folk tale. "Toy Story" was made in 1995 and it was the first computer generated feature film. This created a whole new genre of computer-animated films such as "Finding Nemo" and the recent "Incredibles". Both of these films use a toy as the main character and as always they both fit into the conventions of any Disney film. The narrative structure of both films is in some way similar as both of the main characters are separated from home and the films involve them trying to get back. Each Disney film has the equilibrium, a disruption of this equilibrium and finally the successful restoration of this equilibrium (Todorov's theory). ...read more.


The restoration is when "Pinocchio" is rewarded for being honest and brave by being turned into a real boy. In every Disney film there are good and bad characters, this is also the case in both "Toy Story" and "Pinocchio". The good characters in "Pinocchio" are very stereotypical such as Gepetto. He is a typical homely grandfather figure. Jiminy Cricket adds guidance and humour to the film and finally the Blue Fairy is added for beauty with bright ora. On the other hand Sid's toys in "Toy Story" are very unattractive, and at first we are led to believe they are evil, but in fact they save Woody and Buzz. This shows that you should never judge on appearance. As we have good characters there are also evil characters. ...read more.


Music is also a Disney convention, which is used in different ways depending on the film. In "Pinocchio" the music is mainly used as songs sung by the characters, this can help to show emotion or the difference between a good and bad situation. But in "Toy Story" the uses of music is less common and is usually in the background and this reflects the moods or emotions of the characters. Finally both films end with a common Disney "Happy Ending". "Pinocchio" ends with him being reunited with his loved ones and all his wishes come true. "Toy Story" ends in a similar way as Woody and Buzz also are reunited with Andy and also the toys. But unlike in "Pinocchio" romance occurs with Woody and Bo Peep. Overall I Believe both the films follow the common Disney values well and they are both very effective in Different ways. ...read more.

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