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Analysis on how people generally felt about genderising and how the media stereotypes the sexes.

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Analysis I decided to show all my interviews down on paper because that way it would be easier to show my results. Also I think they make quite interesting reading. All the people are friend's mums and dads and sisters and brothers and grandparents who kindly agreed to help me with my research. As I interviewed each one I could easily tell what sort of people they all were. Even the way they would sat hello would suggest slightly their thoughts on life and that was imortant to discover. Some of the younger people did not seem to have any strong opinions which was suprising seeing as they are influenced by the media more than any other age group. I found that the older people, especially Mr I, generally felt strongly about genderising and how the media stereotypes the sexes. As expected, alot of the men aged 16 - 25 were unsympathetic towards the media stereotyping women as being sex objects. This is obviously because they tend to appreciate women in bikinis more than the older generation of men may do. I think this is because they are more mature and perhaps have been married or had meaningful relationships which makes them value women alot more. ...read more.


The female celebrities seem to be the main focus in this section. The only males that are featured are the husbands or boyfriends of the female. To singers from Hear'say are pictured weraing extremly reavealing dresses, one of which is completely backless, both laughing into the camera. Denise Van Outen and Cher are also pictured weraing glamourous clothes and plastered in make - up. The next article is an interview with Fiona Philips who is a presenter on GMTV. The pictures seem harmless as they are just of her and her new baby and husband. Although again, the focus is on a so called 'glamourous' woman, the theme of the interview is about how she became pregnant at the age of 41. There are no pictures of her lying half - naked on a bed, which is good. The next is a small feature about singer Natalie Imbruglia with her new boyfriend. Again, the article is looking at a woman. Its seems to me that so far the magazine is very reluctant to have articles and interviews featuring famous men. Next there is a long piece about the royals in which I can safely say there were no sexy pictures of anyone. ...read more.


Yet again this is about a celebrity relationship and includes secret photos taken without the Celebritys knowledge. As I said with every single other articles with this topic, it is strange how the magazine is again focusing on a famous female star. Still no reports on a famous male and his new girlfriend. The last nineteen pages are devoted to life and career of the late George Harrison. The results of my second observational method which involved listeningto a radio station for one hour are shown on this table: As you can see, I failed to find alot of evidence against Chris Moyles as he seemed to be playing safe on that show. The most offensive thing he said was probably when he was talking about a woman he had met who had gigantic breats. He used a series of words to describe breasts which some women may have found offensive. Later on in the show he was talking to a female employee also in the room about women and how they cannot get ready to go out in under 10 minutes. This also could have been labelled as a sexist comment against woman, as not all women are particually vain, but I think that it was a harmless comment, and that he was just speaking of experiance. ...read more.

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