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Analysis: Rage Against The Machine.

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Chris Courchaine Humanities 123 Thursday 4:00 - 6:50pm Miller Analysis: Rage Against The Machine In an analysis of the controversial rock band, Rage Against The Machine, I will demonstrate the prevailing factors in this group's success. Rage Against The Machine are successful because they openly challenge United States government hypocrisies in their music, participate in protests and benefit concerts, and present their message in a mainstream form of music. Rage Against The Machine was formed in Los Angeles, California by lead singer Zack De La Rocha, and lead guitarist Tom Morrelo, in 1991. These two explosive characters were joined by Tim Commerford on bass and Brad Wilk on drums. The band has been presented with several awards over the last 12 years including international platinum and gold records, a Grammy, and several other miscellaneous awards given by different associations. Tom Morrelo, a graduate of Harvard with a PhD in music, has been awarded guitarist of the year four years in a row for his outstanding performances and innovative techniques. In 1992, the band's first commercial album was released on Epic Records. In 1994, this album was certified platinum in the United States as well as Canada, Belgium, U.K., France, and Chile. The album was certified double platinum in new Zealand, and gold in Germany, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Australia. ...read more.


Rage likes to take these obvious yet unspoken contradictions and make them load and public. They emphasize distrust of politicians and government. They emphasize political censorship and have been victims of censorship on several occasions while performing on stage. The band's official logo is that of a roughly drawn clenched fist raised in the air, while their songs frequently contain the phrase "Power to the People". The band also makes note about the power of free thought and encourages listeners to rise up against and question that which they do not believe to be right. They preach about defying the norm of our culture and not accepting things or people for face value, but to read between the lines and find the real meaning behind government actions. In every way, Rage Against The Machine challenges and defies the dominant values and beliefs in our country. They are outspoken against the American government and have little respect or trust for politicians and mass media. They proclaim that the government controls the media in some way as do a handful of the world's richest men. They openly challenge censorship and our so called freedom. Rage Against The Machine also encourages its audience to speak their mind and broaden their perspectives of that which they do not know about. ...read more.


They believe what they are writing about and encourage others to divert from the norm and mainstream. It is very ironic, that a band that is so aggressive and anti-establishment is only successful because of the establishment and mainstreamed practices. From the beginning, they were signed with a major record label, Epic. Epic represents a large number of groups that are mainstreamed and considered norm in pop music. Rage was smart in their decision to sign with this label. They were given full artistic creativity and were able to use the system and establishment to foster and so boldly deliver their messages to their audience. The used the establishment against itself, in true renegade fashion. It is also ironic that their music has certified double platinum, they have won several awards from the music establishment, they have had hours of video playtime on MTV, and have been number one on the Billboard charts. It is also ironic that in using the mainstream music establishment as a delivery system for their message, they have managed to generate revenue to support those that they feel have been oppressed by the government and establishment. They have also delivered their message hundreds of thousands of people through the mainstream music establishment. Even more ironic is that the establishment has allowed them, without intervening, to have complete control of their artistic direction. They have not been censored or held down by their label and this is the reason they have remained signed with Epic. ...read more.

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