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Analysising Fantastic Four CD cover

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Analysing the Fantastic 4 DVD Cover. Central Image - Media Language: The majority of the colours on the cover denote as being orange with a combination of red and brown. These colours can connate that the movie is going to be an action packed one where danger and excitement play an important part of the storyline. Having four people on the cover is significant as it shows that the story revolves around them and that they are the heroes of the story. Thus they are the "Fantastic 4", superheroes with supernatural powers. One of the heroes is a human fireball which connotes that he has the power to create fire. Thus he is a mixture of browns, reds and orange which connotes that he is powerful, dominant throughout the movie. His raised eyebrow might suggest that he is confident and sure of what he is doing i.e. saving the world. His body language is upwards, meaning he is flying off in order to save the world. Another one of the superheroes is a stretchy man on the right side of the front cover. This mans body is a contrast between normal and supernormal. Normal being his face and supernormal being his stretchy body. The stretchy body connotes that he is flexible and can move through any space to save the day. ...read more.


Strauss' Binary opposition can be seen in the colours which have been used. The fire colours denote power, strength and a good light for the people; however it could also denote danger and violent evil villains. The black tall building with the crystal windows may also represent a contrast between evil and good. Evil would be the tall black building while the crystal windows would represent good. The background image shows us the mise-en-scene of the film thus giving us a rough idea about the setting for the film. Central Image - Narrative and Genre: Central image on the cover of the DVD is that of the four characters. The main focus shot of them tells us that they are central to the plot. Keeping in mind Propp's character roles we understand the four characters to be the heroes. These heroes seem to be from the pages of a comic book, which relates to the genre of the movie. Which implies that it is has a comic book storyline with a unrealistic but a fantasy genre because of the superhuman abilities the characters seem to possess. The connation of the heroes' body language and pose seems to tell us that the movie has a action genre. Now for the narrative part. Todorov's theory of a three-part-narrative has been put into practise here. ...read more.


Typography - Title: The cover denotes that the text font is in a bold and silvery metallic colour. The font is bold with each character set apart in capital letters. The bold font connotes that the movie is going to be very straight forward with everything quite simple. It also connotes that it would be an action film with a fast paced storyline and tons of action. The action part connotes that it would be a masculine move. The silvery metallic colour of the title is often associated with the future and unrealism. This connotes that the movie maybe be set in a fantasy environment with futuristic gadgets. It also connotes that fictional things might happen in the movie. The font colour represents lots of action and excitement and also something and quite out of the ordinary. The title of the film is "Fantastic 4" and is named after the protagonist i.e. the main character around whom the films plot revolves around. The title uses alliteration which the audience will remember easily as it is something catchy and quick. The style and font could be a exact replica of the comic book style font that has been around for years that people know about it and recognise it. The technical bit: These features are specific to a DVD cover: o The age rating - the movie is rated PG. This tells us that nobody under the age of 12 can view this movie without parental guidance. ...read more.

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