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Analyze I, Robot.

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We chose to analyze I, Robot. The film takes place in 2035 Chicago where a homicide detective named Del Spooner (who is played by Will Smith) is investigating the death of Dr. Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell), who works at U.S. Robotics. Del Spooner is living in the time where Robots are everyday objects and are programmed to live alongside humans. Spooner hates robots and is known as a "techno-fob" and suspects that the death might not be a suicide but that one of the robots appears to have been implicated. But the problem is that the robots have three laws integrated into their system. 1. They can't hurt a human being or allow a human being to come to harm. 2. They must do whatever they're told by a humans as long as it doesn't conflict with one of their laws 3. They have to defend themselves as long as it doesn't conflict with the other laws. But if the robots can break these laws does that means nothing is in their way to take over the world? Cinematography The first shot starts of with low angle shot but goes to a high angle shot to give us an impression how many robots there are. ...read more.


The scene then starts of by using shot/reverse shots to show us that Spooner and Dr. Susan Calvin are having a conversation. The next thing we get to see is an eye line shot when Spooner is looking out over the robots to show us what his reacting is forwards to see all these robots standing in the lines. When Spooner is looking at the robots we get an over the shoulder shot so that we can get the feeling of looking at one person from the other's point of view. Slow motion is seen when Spooner is just about to pull the trigger and shot another robot but just as he's about to do it we get an eye line shot to show that Spooner has spotted Sonny. During the cat and mouse chase we have several eye line shots to make the audience feel even more that they are apart of the chase. Sound Diagetic sound and non-diagetic sound is overlapping as the car enters the wear house. We can hear the background music being played as well as the sound of the doors opening. The music goes on and we can still hear diagetic sounds like lamps being turned on, robots moving. ...read more.


In this clip they want the viewers to get some sort of idea that we're now in the future and therefore the warehouse/factory they have arrived at shows a lot of metal that is what most things are made of. Even Spooner and Dr. Susan Calvin are both dressed in some leather type of material and it follows the same blue/grey colour structure the film does. The police men in the end are also dressed in leather and the look the have now look more powerful. To show Dr. Susan Calvin's status, that she is probably more in control than Spooner they have tied her hair back while Spooner has a more of a wild look with pierced ears and a small beard. Even when they are looking out over the robots, Dr. Susan Calvin is standing with her arms behind her back and her back straight while Spooner has his arms dangling by his side. The gun that Will's character is carrying around is not a normal looking guns either and to show that guns have evolved it's double barrelled. Blue eyes of the robot Sonny makes the robot look less evil and makes him look more sincere which makes us question more whether Sonny is actually evil or not. ?? ?? ?? ?? Media "I, Robot" Linn Lewis ...read more.

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