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Annalising an advert

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www.apple.com/uk/itunes/ads/partyanimated/ Media Assignment Apple Ipod Advertisement Evaluation How many people worldwide love to listen to their own elegant style of music? Well with the new Apple Ipod you have the power to listen to your flavour of tunes that gets your blood flowing or just brings back your fondest memories. Absolutely no one could turn down an opportunity to liven up a bad day with a fantastic song. The Apple Ipod is "probably the best" technology the music industry could grant you. One of the best ways to show people how the product will help you is by advertising on the television because it shows people exactly what the product will do for you and how it will make you a better person. As I found the commercial on the Internet I do not know when the commercial was first aired. But as the target audiences is mainly twelve year olds and all those above (12+) this keeps is short, the duration of the advert is thirty seconds with twenty clips. With a slide only being a couple of seconds long there is a large quantity to take in on the visual imagery of this advertisement. Basically the main sequences are Silhouettes dancing along to the song Flathead by Fratellis. Apple has picked the song Flathead because it makes you click your fingers, so it is powerful and makes you attracted to the screen because of the catchy song. ...read more.


The contrast in colours between the background and the silhouette is also very important because then the audience can easily distinguish between the foreground activity and contrasting background. This is can influential towards the viewers because it makes them what to buy the product due to the fashion that the viewer has seen on the silhouette on the commercial. Another pink silhouette of a man, but the background is blue it still shows the contrast of colour and also shows a mixed personality at the same time. He is kicking his smart and snazzy shoes towards the camera; it makes male viewers feel like they need shoes like the silhouette so the has to go out and get some like the silhouette for the reason that it looks fashionable but at the same time also influences male to also get an Ipod. The next clip is of the first person in the commercial, you can tell since the Silhouette shape and background go back to the same colours as the first clip; so the some of the silhouettes have a individual colour. The way he is jumping in the air waving his arms round like a lunatic suggests that he is have a really good time and he is basically "freaking out", another reason that the viewer should buy it because commercial is sending the message the viewer that the silhouettes are having a good time so why shouldn't the customers. ...read more.


When the text says "iPod + Itunes" it is basically saying if a person gets this Apple Ipod and any of the Itunes available you could possibly be like any the people you have seen in the advertisement. The penultimate clip is again of the couple that where dancing together; you can tell because they are the same shape, the woman walks pushing her male partner off the set so you know the advertisement is going to be over, it suggests who wears the trousers of the relationship which appears to be most female viewers around the world. Conclusively finished with a picture of the Apple logo then it no longer needs any text because it is then obvious to the viewers that this is an Apple product. The analysis of the commercial should have been undertaken to make shore that the colourful stroking images would not be dangerous towards to anybody suffering from epilepsy. A mistake that was also recently make by the advertising agency promoting the soon coming 2012Olympics. Music devices are very common, but what makes this Ipod special is they look good and they are fashionable. I would rate the advertisements effectiveness 8/10 because you could make all the clips more memorable rather than short ones, but it has a very catchy song. So it will stick in your mind along with the Apple brands, mainly the Ipod. James Tully ...read more.

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