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Anne Frank

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` Jisu (James) Kim Period 4 5/24/01 Anne Frank Extra Credit Anne Frank The Diary of Anne Frank is a story that we read two years ago describing a story about Anne, a young, adolescent girl who, despite the tragic effects of the war, tries to make the best out of the situation and strives to live a normal life. However, this movie is not based on the diary, rather, a biography, titled simply, Anne Frank: A Biography, by Melissa Muller. This movie showed Anne's life in the concentration camps and eventually to her death, which she does not write in her diary. Nevertheless, this movie was overall very touching and once again reminds us of how horrid the Holocaust really was. ...read more.


The setting of the movie was very well done. The many locations, including the hiding place of the Franks, were rebuilt well and it showed. The characters: Anne, Otto Frank, Auguste Van Pels, Edith Frank, Herman Van Pels, Margot Frank, Peter Van Pels, Fritz Pfeffer, and Miep Gies, were all very well acted indeed. Each actor/actress captured his and her character perfectly. The section of the movie that struck me the most was Anne's life in the concentration camp. Because her diary goes only up to the time before she gets caught, I don't really know what Anne went through and how she died in the concentration camps. The movie showed the results of the capture of the Franks, and the movie was getting more interesting and very disturbing at the same time. ...read more.


The movie really captured the camp scenes very vividly. They made the concentration camp so real. I personally think the two-day idea was too much for the audience to bear. Honestly, on Sunday, I turned off the television when the movie had about half an hour left, because it was very much predictable and not very interesting, to say the least. However, I found time on Monday to see the concentration camp scenes, which were much more interesting to watch, and were really grasping my attention. All in all, this movie wasn't exactly the best movie possible that portrayed the life of Anne Frank, but it was well worthwhile to watch, even if it was for extra credit. ...read more.

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