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As I walked through the ghostly streets of my pind (village), I felt as if someone was following my every footstep

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As I walked through the ghostly streets of my pind (village), I felt as if someone was following my every footstep. With each of my trembling paces the terrifying sounds behind me intensified rapidly, increasing my tension to the limit. By now my heart was beating faster than a train at full speed, which forced me to run as fast as possible and turn into the next alley way. Frightened as the raged man stopped about a metre away and looked around, terrified that he would find me I held my breath and closed my eyes. As I gradually opened my eyes I watched the person sprint off into the mist. After being sure I was safe, I let out a sigh of relief and started to walk out of the alley but before I could take one step out, a shadowy figure grabbed me from behind, with one of his hands covering my mouth, and his wild hair over my face, he dived his other hand into each of my pockets and stole all of my belongings, after which he through me into the wall whilst ripping my chain from my neck, after he ran off I became unconscious because of hitting my head on the wall. ...read more.


Unfortunately after many stops, he reached me and asked for my ticket, I looked around pretending I did not hear, but from that he knew I had no ticket. Like a strike of lightning he clutched my collar, lifted me up and pushed through the crowd and took me to the door, whilst blowing a ferocious whistle to stop the bus. Just as the bus stopped he threw me out of the bus with all his strength. I was in extreme pain, I still had my courage and I decided to continue towards Mumbai by foot. After many gruelling hours I reached Mumbai, each day I went to different movie studios asking for a role in a movie but many times I was thrown out by security or told to get lost, you're too young and there are no roles for you. Due to this I never earned any money and I starved each and every day in the unforgiving heat, feeling death coming closer each day, while sitting in the same spot all day losing energy and seeing the amount of garbage and dirt mounting. Each night became hell when each Bollywood movie came to life as I watched people getting their brains shot out and the numerous gang wars, barely surviving each one. ...read more.


Again I walked through the ghostly streets of my 'pind' on my way home, whilst being followed by those disturbing memories, and being held back so I did not retuning, but this could not stop me as I am not that foolish anymore. As I continued childhood memories came back, with the rocky sand seeping into my shoes and the mist collecting with the laughter of children in the distance as I entered my house. The whole house looked exactly the same as when I left. Not even one thing had changed, while remembering all the good times I searched the whole house for mother, Sharan-jeet and Babuji, as I could not find then so asked around and found out that Sharan-jeet had got married 6 months ago, which broke my heart because I was not their for her special day and she would never forgive me for that, but tears started to flow when I found out that Babuji had passed away 3 months ago and mother 2 weeks later due to shock. After the bad news I was shattered and emotionally unstable, but I made the decision to continue my life as before because I would be hurting their souls if I stayed like this, so I continued with my movie career with them always in my heart. ...read more.

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