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Asses the claim that youth cultures are hybrid cultures

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Multicultural Youth: A critical reflection Asses the claim that youth cultures are hybrid cultures Our presentation was based on the topic area of multicultural youth. The question asked us to asses the claim that youth cultures are hybrid cultures. As a group we decided that we would tackle this question by using popular music as our point of focus. We felt that popular music was something that brought people together in a semi unified fashion irrespective of age colour or creed. For this reason it was agreed that the question of hybridity could be addressed by using popular music as our main point of discussion. We also felt that it was necessary to address some of the points that were raised within the lecture that corresponded with the question, however we also felt that it was necessary to draw upon the information that we received from other topics within this unit. For example, club cultures, street style and consumption. We felt that the amalgamation of all these idea would provide us with a wholesome and informative presentation. The points that we wished to highlight were issues of race and ethnicity, style and consumption and aspects of rave culture. We also felt that it was important to show the hybridity of popular music in youth culture and as a result we paid particular attention to Madonna because we believed that her music provided a good example of hybridity. ...read more.


Another important point that Polhemus addresses is the Homogeneous hybrid nature of each subculture (style house or tribe), that has no apparent hierarchy. Cultures of this nature are open to 'cross fertilisation' and further hybridisation. The points that were raised within this reading provided us with a few ideas for our group presentation. To asses the claim that youth cultures are hybrid cultures, we decided to focus on one form of culture that bring youth together, this being popular music. This is because popular music is a good example of hybridity. The charts feature various artists that specialise in different genres of music. We felt that popular music was similar to Polhemus' description of the homogeneous subcultures that command no authority over each other but are open to share ideas from one and other. As we continue through the article Polhemus (1994) describes the awareness of previous style tribe's, cultures and subcultures that provide a pop culture education for the current generation of subcultures. This idea was significant because we felt that music styles of the past influenced the styles of the present and future. According to Stuart Halls' idea of new ethnicities we felt that popular music and this article described the 'recognition of the extraordinary diversity of subjective positions social experiences and cultural identities.' ...read more.


However Thornton names these cultures as white and deems the dominant. Unlike Hall, she fails to consider how race and ethnicity were important sets of distinctions that could not be deployed by white youth to gain social advantage over Black and Asian youths. In conclusion, we found that Polhemus' (1994) article provided us with a canvas to work upon. We found that by using his idea of street style as an example of hybridity we were able to present our ideas on popular music. We found that popular music was and still is an amalgamation of different music forms that borrow from each other. As stated before popular music is the recognition of diversity social experience and cultural identities. Therefore when we consider different genres of music we must understand that these sounds are expressed by groups of people of different races ethnic, class and social backgrounds. With every new artist music will continuously change and the cross fertilisation the Polhemus speaks about will remain an important factor within hybrid youth cultures. Consumption within youth cultures will continue to be a prominent aspect of the cultures because it assists the ever changing process of youth cultures. However within youth cultures as a whole we must remember that there is no one race. In fact youth cultures are colourless. They are a mixture of many elements that are constantly in motion. Youth cultures are not fixed they are a continuous ever changing transient process. ...read more.

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