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Big Brother and Survivor are examples of a reality TV shows that have captured the eye of the British public. These shows take members of the public and put them in unfamiliar situations

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Media Assignment - Part two Over the past years television has changed but one of the most popular formats of television programmes that has taken off is reality TV. Reality TV is a form of media television that shows the life of real people in documentaries that are unscripted, or a game show where members of the public go onto a show to win a prize. Big Brother and Survivor are examples of a reality TV shows that have captured the eye of the British public. These shows take members of the public and put them in unfamiliar situations. The shooting of the file is constant and the directors usually select controversial scenes for screening. ...read more.


This is not always true as participants of these programmes can be quite devious and clever enough to put on an act for the camera. Over a long period of time, such as the Big Brother, the act can be difficult to maintain. In Blind Date the questions and answers of the contestant are obviously scripted or prepared, and there isn't that much reality TV there. The contestants who go on these shows are usually very outgoing, confident and not shy being in front of cameras. The reasons they want to be on reality TV is for fame, fortune and other accessories that go with being a celebrity. ...read more.


Swearing, Nudity and childish behaviour from adults gives the wrong message to young people. This type of behaviour is shown to be normal and acceptable when it clearly isn't. The future of reality TV is uncertain, unless producers are able to find newer formats. Older programmes such as big brother no longer attract large audiences, as viewers have become board with the format. A recent successful example of a new reality TV show is The Salon. This shows normal people working in a salon with clients who are selected by producers to go onto the show. There is definitely at the moment a demand for Reality TV as long as fresh formats and ideas can be created. ?? ?? ?? ?? Meera Makwana Media Assignment - Part two 10 VW English - Mr Clark ...read more.

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