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Blade Runner: The Director's Cut.

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Dane Wilson 21/5/03 Blade Runner: The Director's Cut Director Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" is a film adaptation of the book: "Do androids dream of electric sheep." The film is about a man in the division of the police that involves the "retirement" of NEXUS 6 Replicants; this division is called the Blade Runner division. The film begins with a view in long shot of Los Angeles in 2019 as a dystopia. In the middle of the dark and crowded city, under the blackened sky and blanket upon blanket of rain, are several towers repetitively spewing flames into the dark beyond making the country made of city seem like hell at night. During the longshot there are three occasional shots of a close up eye belonging to Holden of the blade runner division. ...read more.


The ease of the office wall breaking as the effect of Leon, a NEXUS 6 replicant, firing a gun at Holden and violently pushing him through the wall shows how brittle and poorly built the future is shown to be. This, the second, scene introduces us to the main character, a former recruit of the Blade Runner division and he is found waiting behind an "fleet" of people bearing umbrellas with neon-lit handles as a protection from the evil darkness of the merciless city, to be seated at a noodle bar. As he is waiting we, the viewers, can see a multitude of blimps plastered with advertisements persuading the remaining inhabitants of Earth to vacate to a different planet. We can also see whole building faces covered with advertisements showing upper class women eating foods and the lower classed impoverished civilization have to watch these adverts and feel like they are nothing. ...read more.


When Deckard lands on the roof of the police department and goes to see the police chief and almost as soon as Deckard exits the large barren room with scraps of paper on the floor and enters the police chief's office the police chief pulls from under his desk a bottle of a volatile liquid made from the fermentation of sugars or otherwise known as alcohol. The police chief's office is also dark and smoky whereas it is much more relaxed than the scene of Holden's interrogation. In conclusion the film, "Blade Runner," is a science fiction film, based in the near future with many dramatic and distraught changes. This futuristic world is a dark, wet, dangerous and poverty stricken place which can and has been compared to Hell. ...read more.

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