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Blair Witch Essay

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How Does the Success of the Blair Witch Project go Against Industry Expectations of Independently made films? In this essay I will discuss the Blair Witch Project and how the success of the film has not followed the expectations and guidelines of the film industry. I will comment on obvious examples which differentiate between professional films and independently made films such as: Graphics realism and sound, professionalism and the overall budget of the film. I am also going to mention the effects and impacts it may have on the audiences responses. I will also discuss the effects of films such as Blair witch project and I will comment on whether they find such films satisfying or whether it doesn't cater to the audience's specification of a film. I will compare the film with a bollywood and Hollywood blockbuster and determine the differences between the films. The film I will compare with the Blair witch will be Asoka. I will comment on how Hollywood and bollywood use parody and have the same intentions and ambitions. ...read more.


The realism in this film is displayed with the way the students live their lives, how moody heather is and how childish they all act, what with the arguing and the shouting and fighting with each other. The explicit language and the binge drinking shows that this movie was not made by experts and only the footage that was found had been altered and turned into a film. A major contrast from Hollywood films. The film shows poor editing techniques as the entire film is recorded through free hand movement or physical movement instead of appropriate Tripod equipment. The best thing about Bollywood is that it has its own aspects and tendencies to make really cheesy low budget films and manage to pull them off as successful, appealing stories. The film Asoka was produced and burned onto DVD in 2003 and when it came out in 2004 it attracted the eyes of many people and is one of bollywoods greatest films. ...read more.


This is both compulsory and satisfactory for the audiences really. Lastly the sound that had been recorded in Blair witch wasn't in good quality as I could hear whispering and laughing and shouting and wind and allsorts of unwanted noises, this contrasts from Hollywood expectations and makes the film look lower budget than anything. In conclusion Blair witch project presents poor quality film and doesn't cater to the specifications of Hollywood films but differentiates between bollywood significantly despite them both being independent filmmakers. Their intentions are completely different as Hollywood and bollywood have ambitions of making money by fulfilling the audiences expectations whereas Blair witch project only has the ambition of producing the film of which no professionalism is shown within the film is shown but realism is shown as it exposes how the cast and crew choose to accommodate themselves the environment they live in and their responses towards each other. In general Hollywood filmmakers are more successful as their ambitions are mainly focussed on money of which they strive to provide satisfactory and high standards of filming in order to meet the requirements and present to the audiences expectations, a real masterpiece. ...read more.

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