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Blind Date

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Blind Date Nicola Gill, a reporter, went undercover to try and find out what goes on behind the scenes of one of ITV most popular shows Blind Date. All this suggests mystery and interest and as Blind Date is a popular show the readers will want to here all about it. Nicola makes her story more exciting by telling it in the present way. "I am on my way to the open auditions for Blind Date..." "It attracts more than 20000 audition hopefuls a year all desperate to sit on those stools with Cilla and make a stab for stardom, love, sex or just a free holiday." She asks herself the question. "And once through the auditions is it worth it?" She is tempting the reader to want to know more, suggesting they are about to find out. Steps suggest a path or stairway to a chosen destination. It suggests, perhaps, a contrived, unnatural way for the contestants to get what they want. Also readers like to see sub headings because it gives the reader a break in the reading. If the sub headings are interesting it encourages the reader to read on e.g. ...read more.


This is not what the producer wants because it is not what the viewers want. Gill tells us that what they do want is like Nicola's 'invented identity', that's of the type who "travel the world, bedding beach bums and living a carefree, sun sand a sex-fuelled existence". She uses alliteration because it speeds up the way the reader says it and makes it more exciting. So they will want to read on. Alliteration is used because newspapers use it as imagery. Gill uses three sets of quotes in bigger font on each page because she thinks that they will be entertaining for the reader. This also breaks the reading up for the reader. If the quotes are interesting then the reader will want to read on. She writes them in big bold font to try and drag in the reader's attention. In step 2 'humiliate yourself'. Nicola states,' Three hours later, lumbering towards the painful climax of our humiliation! This kind of language shows gill opening her heart to the readers and could have two effects. ...read more.


I think she doesn't succeed because the people who didn't watch will now because of all the publicity. Candidates picked from over 20000 hopefuls a year. Only the bras, strong-minded, outgoing people with interesting pasts are picked. "I've already invented the perfect Blind Date identity the temp who save her cash for travelling the world bedding beach bums and living a carefree, sun, sand and sex fuelled existence. Many rehearsals, meetings and phone calls occur before they actually film the show. " number two keeps fluffing up his lines so we have to keep shooting again and again" The Cilla protocol "meeting Cilla is like meeting the Queen". I think that Nicola was justified in obtaining her story because any one could have made a story on Blind Date and sold their paper to the papers. It just lucky for her that nobody did so she made money from it. The Blind Date team were not upset because any publicity is good publicity. So the people who didn't watch Blind Date will read about it in the paper and they will watch it now. ...read more.

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