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Boy A is a British drama produced by Lynn Horsford and directed by John Crowley

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?Boy A? Essay Is Boy A any good? Boy A is a British drama produced by Lynn Horsford and directed by John Crowley. It is a film adaptation of Jonathan Trigell's novel which is also called Boy A. It was distributed by channel 4 and film 4. Boy A stars a British actor called Andrew Garfield, who plays a hefty role in the drama. He won the 2008 best actor BAFTA TV Award for his performance. The film is about a reformed child murderer named Eric who later in the film changes his name to Jack because he wants a fresh start to his second life and a new identity. He tries to escape the darkness of his sinful years. The drama draws harsh similarities with the well-known James Bulger case. The drama suggests significant messages and morals throughout and has remarkable acting. Boy A was a great drama to study in class; I have many reasons for this point of view. ...read more.


It showed Jack dreaming of Michelle saying goodbye to him which didn?t suit the genre drama, this is because the genre drama is meant to be a matter-of-fact and leave a big emotional impression. Boy A?s ending wasn?t realistic, however left us with a big affecting feeling as the last bit we saw was Jack committing suicide by jumping into the sea. The ending of Boy A was very touching. A big emotional ending is a requirement of a drama. The use of the technique is essential and builds up so much tension and leaves the audience feeling moved and affected. Another technique used in Boy A is the use of extreme close ups, this technique was used a lot during the drama because they wanted to show Jack?s feelings and facial expressions. It allows the audience to feel what Jack is feeling, and gives a sense of realism. It also allows the audience to bond with Jack and decide whether they like him as a character. ...read more.


After the punishment their past still creeps up behind them, similar to Boy A, Jack learns from his mistakes but his past is never forgotten. I live in an area where there is unemployment, crime and poverty, therefore in comparison to Boy A?s environment it is very similar. The drama represents a boy as a criminal, and in this generation people seem to think every youth is dangerous, as a result there is a use of a stereotype in the drama. It has to be said, the ending was shameful and didn?t live up to the hopes I was hoping it would. Some could say the drama was offensive because they believe that you can run away from your past, but your past can?t run away from you. Although I also believe in the quote, I think that people deserve a second chance. People would argue that people who commit a bad crime don?t, but what if they have learnt from there mistakes, from the punishment they?ve received. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

As a personal response to the film, this essay is perfectly acceptable. However, it could have been so much better if the personal appraisal had been tied into a more objective study of the themes and issues that the film tackles. The author correctly cites the Bulger case and the recent trend for stereotyping working class youths as violent and antisocial as part of the context for this story. What would have been amazing is if they'd presented an analysis of the way that these stories have been represented in the media, and tied it into what this film is trying to achieve.

2 stars.

Marked by teacher Govinda Dickman 23/10/2013

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