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British Soap Operas

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British Soap Operas Essay (400-600 WORDS) The two British soap operas that we have studied are Eastenders and Brookside. These come on TV on a regular basis and are no longer than 30 mins, except the omnibus edition. There are several codes and conventions that are used in soap operas. Opening titles. Eastenders starts with a map of London and zooms in to the Eastend. Brookside uses real images, several cuts of people doing normal daily things, ands how's recognized Liverpool buildings. International soaps usually use the opening title with the characters of the soap. I.e. neighbours. Opening narratives- these soaps have been running on TV, the same time for several years, they are open narratives as the stories never finish they carry on for several episodes. ...read more.


Finishes in one episode, but are used to have a long-term effect o the characters i.e. Paul, stresses even more about his mother. Categories. Soaps use many stories in one episode, but they evolve round a small amount of categories, e.g. * Business/money- Ian and wife want to go on holiday, financial problems. * Relationships- Jackie and max s marriage. * Social issues- jimmy Corkhill's emotional custody battle for his child. * Comedy/serious- martin and Pauline's arguments. All the stories have some sort of conflict, which leads to suspense and drama. * Stories about social issues. - The main convention of British soap operas is the use of social issues. ...read more.


* Audience Superiority - Past knowledge of the story lines helps to create dramatic irony, e.g. in Brookside, the audience knows that Max has killed Suzanne, and Jackie doesn't, so we feel superior, so we react different as to a person who is just watching Brookside for the first time, as we know what is happening. Also continuous recaps of what is happening is a famous convention of British Soaps, e.g. Brookside, we see Katie, and just say you were watching it for the first time, the nurse acts as the audience and so Katie tells the story of what is happened. * Character Types - These are used to appeal to a wider audience but character types change after they are used for there function e.g. Martin when he became a addict, was seen as a Rowdy youth. Sajid Mehmood Hussain? Media studies AKS. ...read more.

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