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Bullet boy is a story of young men, who struggle to stay on the straight and narrow in the mean streets of hackney. Released jailbird; Ricky is fresh out of youth custody and has vowed to go straight.

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Bullet boy is a story of young men, who struggle to stay on the straight and narrow in the mean streets of hackney. Released jailbird; Ricky is fresh out of youth custody and has vowed to go straight. Awaiting his arrival is his best mate Wisdom, who comes to collect him by car. However on returning home, Wisdom accidentally knocks off a wing mirror on a car; belonging to local rival and rude boy, Godfrey. Wisdom refuses to pay the angered Godfrey '�60', which he demands, a brawl sets off and Godfrey returns with his dog. This event sparks a feud where Ricky becomes involved, plunging him straight back into the world he's trying to escape from. What begins as a minor street clash escalates into a series of attacks with devastating consequences. We see how a family is torn apart when guns enter their otherwise unexceptional lives. Saul Dibbs shows us as with the protagonist characters; Ricky and Wisdom, 'that guns don't help at all'. During the course of the film one gun passes between the hands of four young men leaving a trail of destruction behind. As soon as any one of the characters wrapped their fingers around the gun we sense trouble as they were under threat. Dibbs warns us of the consequences of being in possession, of a gun, in the worse cases getting killed yourself. ...read more.


As Godfrey approaches, Wisdom steps out of the car. Godfrey now frustrated and angry demands '�60'. However Wisdom refuses to pay. A bit of a scuffle takes place between the two gangsters, that is until Ricky steps in to try and break it up. Ricky tries to calm everyone down but ends up becoming involved; a new addition to Godfrey's hit list. Godfrey retreats and comes back along the road with his vicious dog at hand. Ricky and Wisdom tremble from the sight of it and flee into the car and drive away.' You're a pussy 'utters Godfrey; as the pair makes their escape. This key scene is the trigger of all the madness and hatred to come. It sparks off the vicious circle of lethal attacks, with shattering consequences. I think Wisdom was purely in the wrong place at the wrong time. If he had apologised and paid Godfrey the sixty pounds he wanted, he would have calmed down. However I still reckon Godfrey would think of him as a 'pussy' as he does whatever he's told. Ricky goes clubbing with Shay and Wisdom to celebrate his returning home from prison. Word is spreading around that Wisdom is a pussy and that he ran away. Wisdom becomes enraged and is about to blow his top until he calls Ricky for a bit of payback. ...read more.


Without any sympathy or consideration towards the creature they point the gun at it and pull the trigger... Soon after, the boys move on into the woods with their new found possession. They play the childhood 'hide and seek' game with the seeker in hold of the gun; Cutis. Rio lurks on a tree waiting to be found until Curtis comes close enough and he leaps out in front of him. In shock the surprised Curtis pulls the trigger, the bullet piercing through Rio's right shoulder. 'You owe me big time' says Rio offering to show his scar, whilst in hospital. We are left thinking these two will turn out to be clones of Ricky and Wisdom. The viewers are left glad nearing the end of the film as this saga of gun welfare is over. We were worried that Ricky's bad boy allure might be too attractive for Curtis to resist, despite the stern warnings from his mother and support from her friends in the community. Luckily he proves he has realised after the death of his brother and damage to Rio, that he doesn't want his life to be this way. When he produces a gun to scare them with, you know we're not in for a happy ending. If only Curtis' mum had known it wasn't the drugs she had to worry about. With a gun nestling in his mattress, it's only a matter of time before Curtis wants to emulate his brother and show off to his friends ?? ?? ?? ?? name - 1 - ...read more.

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