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Business Report part 1

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Introduction My name is Deizy and I am a marketing assistant the research and creative department at Westlon Agency. My agency has received a letter from Simi Courtland, phones for u ltd. My job role is to carry out research on behalf of the business called Simi Courtland, phones for u ltd as they want to open a new phone shop in the Paddington area. My client is Simi Courtland phones for u ltd. There is many similar phone shops in the area so I've been told to be careful. My job is to market research and to organise an effective marketing campaign to make the business successful. The role of the advertising agency is to produce advertisements for other firms and business organisation. ...read more.


'Investors would earn 10p share in the third quarter -1 higher than first thought'. The company makes more than one in three of all mobiles sold worldwide. A range of new model are coming out which will help support the loss. Weaknesses Nokia's network division has been the worst performer, with sales expected to fall five per cent because cash-strapped mobile operators couldn't buy new equipment. This affected the telecoms operators. The stock market was unimpressed. Opportunities Booming economy this will provide an opportunity to improve skills. Paddington basin development more people workers, schools, St Mary's hospital, and studios. The range of new models would help the profits come up. The group has kept up the sale by cutting costs, outsourcing some parts and introducing phones with built in cameras and colour screens. ...read more.


Moreover I would have to prepare a presentation showing market research and promotional ideas. I can already carry out effective market research by creating a questionnaire and using computers to present my results. I will need to find out the demand for the business, competition in the area and also I would have to find out consumers likes and dislikes. I would need to find out my target group and profitable features. The general public, the internet, my teacher and the text book will help me with this. I will need textbooks, internet to retrieve information. I will also need to create a questionnaire and use a computer to present & collate data I aim to complete this task by January 2004. ...read more.

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