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Buzzin’ Hornet

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Buzzin' Hornet The sky was a radiant blue as two F-22 "Raptor" jets soared over the impenetrable jungle, leaving the stains of their vapour trails in their wake. A sudden detonation from the unfathomable depths of the green canopy unhinged the tranquil scene. From the cloud of smoke rose a large missile, spurting flames as it headed towards the first of the jets. The infallible formation of the jets was interrupted as they veered away from each other in a desperate attempt to evade the missile. As a fireball erupted from one of the jets, a small plume of white smoke rose from the acrid fire. This plume stopped as a parachute appeared and revealed itself to be an ejector seat. As the remaining jet accelerated away from view, the parachute floated gracefully towards the earth, with a small survival bag suspended beneath it. The unfortunate pilot, Lieutenant Shaun F. Hanson, knew it was going to be a long day. As the missile was approaching his jet, Shaun was surprisingly calm. He reported that the patrol was under attack and deployed his counter measures in a vain attempt to evade the missile. ...read more.


There was an eerie silence until the radio came to life. "Hotel Alpha Tango received, this is Foxtrot Echo Delta, what is your condition?" "Collar bone injured, suspected broken, in need of medical experience," replied Shaun. "You're breaking up, re-establish radio contact at 19:00 hours, over and out" He [do I need to make any amendments here?] placed the microphone on the radio and munched at some dried prunes that he had found in his survival bag. As he was burying the bag in the sodden earth, he could hear the distant sound of a dog barking followed by two muffled gunshots. He was being hunted. He fixed the silencer onto his pistol and ventured away from the clearing. His camouflage clothing was already streaked with dirt and his face paint and black cap ensured that he would not be seen easily. He hid in a mound of dirt and waited. Shaun was boiling a joint of fresh meat with an aerosol and a cigarette lighter when he heard a voice on the radio, "Hotel Alpha Tango, this is General Jackson, please respond". "Hotel Alpha Tango online Sir," replied Shaun. ...read more.


As the fighting ensued, the Marines crawled back to the Helicopter, firing and covering each other as the retreat progressed. Finally the Marines were all aboard and the helicopter took off. Instantaneously the Apache opened fire and screams could be heard as the rebels appeared, falling as soon as they entered the clearing, clutching various parts of their bodies where blood was spewing out. On board USS Washington, Shaun's wounds had been attended to. With one arm bandaged up to protect his collarbone, Shaun left his living quarters and headed for the Medical Bay. His lip trembled at the thought of denying a young man his life so that he may live. As he arrived, he headed for a bed surrounded by soldiers. The crowd around the stricken man parted and Shaun wondered if he should have come at all. This man who had saved his life by putting his own at risk deserved more than Shaun could offer him. How would this man feel? Would he be vengeful? Shaun walked forward, past the expensive equipment to the heavily bandaged man. As he caught sight of the man's face he burst into tears as the soldier said, "Hello...father". ?? ?? ?? ?? Phil Cox Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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