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Can TV and radio be educational?

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Can TV and radio be educational? By Phillippa McElroy Many people believe that television and radio are a bad influence on young people and their behaviour in future life. They also believe that it has an effect on adults as well. They think that the actions and personalities of characters on screen can influence the way people behave and there views on what is right and wrong. I do not believe that this is true. I believe many radio shows and especially television programmes can be educational to young and old generations. I also believe that many of the shows offered to the viewers help them to understand and possibly relate to the problems which occur during everyday life. ...read more.


Granted soaps do touch on subjects that might not be suitable for young viewers to watch but on the hole I think soap operas can be educational and are very popular to the majority of the population. Another educational aspect of television and radio is the hourly broadcast of the news. All channels on terrestrial television show the news frequently during the day. Usually in the morning as people are waking up and getting ready for work, at lunch time around many people's lunch hours, at six o'clock when people are relaxing at home before their tea and around bed time ten to eleven o'clock. On the radio however the news is broadcasted every hour to keep listeners updated all throughout the day. ...read more.


They are usually shown early in the morning about 2am but teachers in schools like to use these during lessons so record them and show them to their classes the next day. Teachers and their classes are a prime example of how television can be educational. Teachers often use videos and other media resources as a way of teaching specific topics or points. Overall I can understand people's views that television and radio can have a bad effect on children and their behaviour due to some of the things shown or heard on the radio; however the majority of the programmes broadcasted are suitable and even educational to both young and old. There for I believe that television can be educational and that it does have an effect on children but for the greater good. ...read more.

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