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Carousels have been the source of amazement, bewilderment, intrigue, and mystery for many years, but why?

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Carlos Ortiz English 202A Carousel Project 4/9/03 Carousels have been the source of amazement, bewilderment, intrigue, and mystery for many years, but why? Many movies depict carousels in them for many different reasons. In my research I found one particular carousel being used in commercials and movies such as "The Lost Boys" and "The King of Love" (1987), "Brotherhood of Justice" (1986), and "Sudden Impact" (1983). The carousel that was being used is "The Looff Carousel" by European woodcarver Charles I.D. At the age of 18, Charles I.D. Looff left his native Schleswig-Holstein in 1870 to come to New York to work as a woodcarver in a Brooklyn furniture store by day and at night spend his time carving wooden animals. Eventually, these were painted and assembled on a frame and platform he erected at Coney Island -- the famous seaside resort's first carrousel and an instant success when it opened in 1876. ...read more.


In the Movie "Lost Boys", produced by Joel Schumacher, the opening shot of the movie is with the vampires on the carousel. To understand the movie a little better allow me to elaborate on some of its details. The movie is about Lucy, a recent divorcee, that goes with her two sons, Michael and Sam, to Santa Carla to stay with her father. On a trip to an amusement park (the carousel is shown in a few scenes), Michael meets the mysterious girl names Star and falls in love with her. However, Star is the property of David, or in other words, the vampire, the leader of a vicious vampire gang. Star and Ladi, an orphan child she feels responsible for, are vampire initiates; this means that they have not made their first kill. ...read more.


The experience left Jennifer's sister completely catatonic, and Jennifer herself is tormented by flashbacks. While Harry investigates the killings, he falls in love with Jennifer, not knowing that she is committing the murders. My investigations into the world of carousels may seem short and under-researched, but due to the fact that carousels are an old tradition that have been long overlooked, the information on why people use them in movies is very limited. I wanted to do this project regardless of the lack of information because I believe that it is an important subject to be shared when discussing the history of carousels. The people who made the movies that I have discussed in this paper have made an important contribution to preserving the memories of carousels by depicting them in different tones in their movies, and hopefully we will see more of this in the future so that the history of these beautiful, mysterious, and often overlooked spinning fantasy worlds will rightfully be preserved in our history. ...read more.

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