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Casino Royale

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Casino Royale By James Armstead Cinematography At the start of the scene, where bond chases down his man, tracking from a crane shot is used to give a perspective of speed in their running, and establish bonds posistion, which is on top of a single story hut. we then get a low angle wide shot of bond jumping over the fence, and his foe running through the sand, giving us a good shot of each charector, we see both of them struggling here, and the hole chase has a sort of cat and mouse effect. We then get another establishing shot, when bond pauses for a second and sums up the situation, he see's his foe is making distance between them, so he looks for an alternative. What we get is, a camera shot that is made to seem as if it was seen through bonds eyes, he stares at his foe, and then his eyes look towards the digger. Tilting is used here to look up. ...read more.


we get a good perspective of heat through the perspiration on bond and his foe's face in the chase. Also bond is wearing very casual, scruffy clothes, in an attempt to fit in. the area, could well be very sterotypical of africa, with poor security and vigilane, as bond easily manages to enter the building site and steal a bulldozer. Also we are given the perspective of a third world country, as there are obviously no health and safety, as workers are walking around on suspended beams, and the only thing slightly safe they have on them is a plastic helmet. In alot of the aerial establishing shots, we get a good view of the light blue sea, which means that it is obviously not filmed in bournemouth. we also see the extra's around the action, working on the building, who for some reason try to interviene. they are all wearing shabby clothes aswell. The lighting in this scene is very bright as it is filmed outdoors, somewhere very tropical. ...read more.


Sound In this scene there is lots of diagetic sound to keep your sences absorbed, and the non diagetic sound takes a little more of a backseat role, as the viewer is probably more focused on bond and what he's doing, and the viewer listens to the music subconsciously, effecting their mood in this scene. There are lots of dramatic horns in this scene, and timpani drum rolls, which really add to the suspence and adrenaline of this scene. Also silence is used in key parts, for example when he jumps from a crane, or when he catches and throws the gun. as theese bits have either a comical element, and should not be tampered with. The music is also used to build up suspence and then bring it back down again, when for example bonds foe is scanning for bond, it is all quite, and then as soon as the bulldozer goes through the building, we get dramatic strings at a fast tempo, getting louder and louder, giving an adrenaline rush to the viewer perhaps. James Armstead ...read more.

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